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The U.S. Government Criticizes NASA In Scornful Report, Hearing Regarding Overbudgeted Projects

The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee grilled some of NASA’s top leaders on Capitol Hill. Both parties discussed reasons why the space agency was behind on critical projects that often went overbudget.

Space June 15, 2018

Verizon Reportedly Drops Plans To Carry The 5G-Capable Huawei Mate 10 Pro Amid Mounting Political Pressure

The 5G-capable Huawei Mate 10 Pro will reportedly not make it to Verizon either as the U.S. government is worried about Huawei's ties with the Chinese government. AT&T previously dropped the Mate 10 Pro as well.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 30, 2018

Kaspersky Is Willing To Share Source Code With US Government, But It's A Tricky Affair

Kaspersky is willing to grant the U.S. government access to its source code to prove it's not in bed with the Russians. Such a move, however, could have deeper implications and might not even ease current concerns.

Security July 3, 2017

AT&T Reportedly Getting Rich By Spying On Customers And Selling User Data To The Government

AT&T has reportedly been mining user data for profit as part of project 'Hemisphere.' The carrier apparently gave law enforcement access to customer data even without warrants, as long as they paid up and stayed quiet.

Security October 27, 2016

Report: Cybersecurity Still A Major Concern For Many Government Websites

The data revealed that, out of all of the industries examined, ranging from health care to hospitality, the government ranked last in terms of cybersecurity.

Security April 29, 2016

US Government Wants To Hide Data Demands: Facebook Says 60 Percent Of Requests Had Gag Orders

On its latest Global Government Requests Report that covers the second half of 2015, Facebook says that government requests for user data had increased by 13 percent. Of the data requests coming from the U.S. government, 60 percent contained a gag order.

Security April 29, 2016

Microsoft Takes Aim At DOJ, Sues Government Over Data Gag Order

Microsoft filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department over what the company calls 'unconstitutional' gag orders. Here are the details.

Legal April 15, 2016

FBI Successfully Unlocks iPhone Used In San Bernardino Shooting: The Big Question Is How

The FBI 'no longer requires the assistance from Apple' after it has successfully unlocked the iPhone owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters, but how did they do it?

Legal March 29, 2016

Security And Privacy Above All: Apple Employees To Resist, Quit If Forced To Create iPhone Encryption Backdoor

Apple employees say that they'll stop working or even quit if the FBI forces the Cupertino brand to create a backdoor or an entirely new iOS, which is otherwise known as 'GovtOS' in the company.

Business March 18, 2016

Encryption War: WhatsApp Is The Next Target Of US Government

Apple is no longer alone in facing the U.S. government, as authorities are targeting WhatsApp over encryption issues as well. The protective measures that the messaging app has reportedly 'stymied' investigators.

Legal March 14, 2016

Tech Giants Back Apple In Opposing FBI: Do They Really Care About Your Privacy?

The U.S. top tech companies are again standing together to protect the privacy of consumers. But the consumers aren't the only ones they're thinking about.

Legal February 28, 2016

The US Senate Moved To Keep The Internet Tax-Free

A move made by the U.S. Senate has become a landmark win for net neutrality: the legislative body voted on Feb. 11 to ban taxes on Internet access, keeping the medium an equal-opportunity resource for millions nationwide.

Internet February 11, 2016

The US Government Will Invest $4 Billion In Autonomous Car Research Over The Next 10 Years

Taking a cue from POTUS' autonomous car plan, the Transportation Department and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration announced their plan to invest $4 billion in autonomous car research over the next 10 years.

FUTURE TECH January 15, 2016

US Government Will Sue Volkswagen For Violating EPA's Clean Air Act

It looks like car manufacturer Volkswagen didn't get memos on the Clean Air Act's standards and regulations - so much so that the U.S. government intends to sue the company for emission violations.

Legal January 4, 2016

Here Are The Things That Scare Americans The Most

A research - America's Top Fears 2015 - revealed people are most scared of events such as biological warfare, identity theft and terrorism. With Halloween just around the corner, it's not surprising to know that fear of zombies is also included in the list.

Society October 16, 2015

U.S. Government Issues New Web Design Standards To Make Federal Websites Easier To Use

The U.S. government has issued new guidelines and web design standards to make federal websites more easily accessible.

Internet September 29, 2015

Hackers Stole 5.6 Million Fingerprints In US Personnel Data Breach

Hackers who stole security clearance data on millions of federal employees under the Department of Defense and other agencies were able to obtain a total of 5.6 million fingerprint records.

Society September 24, 2015

The US Government Is Now Allowing US Carriers To Enter Cuba

In another step toward improved relations with Cuba, the U.S. government has announced that it will allow U.S. carriers to enter Cuba. Despite this, it's unlikely that the Cuban government will allow U.S. carriers to set up shop.

Legal September 18, 2015

China Building U.S. Government Employee Database: What Is It For?

Chinese hackers are developing an exhaustive profile of United States government employees using data stolen from a variety of high-profile data breaches.

Internet September 16, 2015

No Presidential Pardon For Edward Snowden, Says White House

Sorry, Edward Snowden. No presidential pardon for you. That's what the White House said today in an official statement, following a petition by more than 165,000 Americans asking for Snowden's whistleblowing to be forgiven.

Internet July 28, 2015

Tax Day 2015: Why Is April 15 The Deadline To Pay Taxes?

These days, everyone knows that April 15 is the day Americans have to file and pay their taxes by. But how did the U.S. government settle on this deadline?

Internet Culture April 14, 2015

Tax Day 2015: The History Of Why We Pay Taxes By April 15

Everyone knows you have to file your tax return by April 15. However, why doe we do this and when did this not-so-beloved tradition start?

Internet Culture April 13, 2015

U.S. Lawmakers Introduce New Privacy Bill

Four U.S. senators have resurrected the Data Broker Accountability and Transparency Act, which is a proposed privacy bill that would allow consumers to see personal information.

Legal March 6, 2015

US Government Is Spying on Criminal Suspects (and You) with Flying Fake Cell Towers

The U.S. government is using sophisticated technology to trick cell phones into giving personal identification information. While the program is targeted at criminals, it is likely that it also is picking up information of thousands of citizens.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 17, 2014

Week In Review: Top 5 Tech Headlines Not to Miss

While it's been a busy week in tech, not everyone has had time to keep up with all the news. Lucky for them, we've put together a list of the top tech news for the week. Read on to find out exactly what happened in tech this week.

November 14, 2014

US Spying on Cell Phones to Hunt Criminals, Claims Report

The U.S. government is reportedly using fake cell phone towers attached to planes to trick cell phones into handing over unique identification information along with other sensitive and personal data. The spy method has been in operation since 2007.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 14, 2014

U.S. government pushed Yahoo to share user data or face $250,000 daily fine: Report

Yahoo reveals that it was forced to reveal classified user data to the U.S. government or pay huge fines. In 2007, Yahoo was asked to release user data under the pretext of national security.

Business September 12, 2014

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