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Number Of Yemen Cholera Cases Increasing At Alarming Pace, According To WHO Report

The World Health Organization reported that the cholera outbreak in war-torn Yemen continues to worsen. In September, an average of 10,000 new suspected cases of cholera was recorded every week.

October 3, 2018

UAE Wants To Grow Date Palms And Strawberries On Planet Mars

The UAE Space Agency is funding research to grow palm trees, strawberries, and tomatoes on Mars. Here's why the Arabic country wants to grow date palm trees on the Red Planet.

Space November 15, 2017

Mars Science City: UAE Plans To Build City That Simulates Life On Mars

The Mars Science City project will build a prototype of a Red Planet colony on Earth. UAE said that it will be the most sophisticated building in the world. Here's how it will simulate Mars environment.

Space September 29, 2017

Mars 2117 Project: Vision To Create A City On Red Planet

The United Arab Emirates has planned to initiate a Mars 2117 Project. The project aims to establish the first human settlement in Mars by 2117.

Space February 16, 2017

Apple Recalls iPhone 6s In UAE: Battery Problems Could Costs Apple $7 Million

Apple confirmed the recall of select iPhone 6s units in the UAE, a move that could cost the company $7 million.

Apple February 8, 2017

Can UAE Space Agency Help NASA Succeed In Sending Manned Mission To Mars?

The U.S. and UAE signed an agreement for joint space exploration and research. Can the new partnership between NASA and the UAE Space Agency help the U.S. space agency succeed in sending a manned mission to Mars?

Space June 14, 2016

United Arab Emirates Mulls Building Artificial Mountain To Change Weather, Bring Rain

It seldom rains in UAE, so the desert country wants to build an artificial mountain to alter the weather and induce rainfall. Will it work?

Earth/Environment May 5, 2016

XPrize Founder Peter Diamandis Promises To Bring A Hyperloop To The UAE By 2020

XPrize founder and CEO Peter Diamandis promises the United Arab Emirates the hyperloop — a super-speedy transportation system that outstrips almost all commuting modes as we know them — as soon as 2020.

FUTURE TECH October 14, 2015

UAE May Soon Join Other Spacefaring Nations After Signing Collaboration With French Space Agency

UAE Space Agency has announced a mutual space partnership with France's CNES. France is likely to support the UAE's space project to send its first unmanned mission to Mars by 2021.

Space April 10, 2015

UAE plans Mars mission in 2021, may trigger space race in Middle East

The United Arab Emirates entered the space race with the creation of a space agency and the unveiling of plans to send unmanned mission to Mars by 2021.

Space July 20, 2014

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