Tag: Waste Management

China's Xi Jinping Urges Tight Industrial Pollution Policies During Eco Boost Summit

President Xi Jinping said China’s efforts to curb the effects of pollution are not enough to attain a sustainable progress. According to WHO, pollution levels in the country's major cities rose to a record high.

Earth/Environment May 22, 2018

Human Waste May Be Transformed Into Plastic And Nutrients In Long Space Journeys

Researchers have found a way to recycle biological waste for extended space travel. Astronauts can use their urine and breath to make 3D printer polymers.

Space August 25, 2017

Damaged Tomatoes May Provide Alternative Source of Electricity

Florida generates a massive volume of tomato waste every year. Now, a team of scientists has developed a method to turn tomato waste as an alternative source of electricity.

Energy March 17, 2016

Trashbot Uses Robotics To Sort Your Garbage For A Cleaner Tomorrow

Dreaming of a cleaner world that has an effective system of recycling its trash? Trashbot is designed with a ‘discerning’ talent in identifying the trash that should be thrown away or that can be recycled.

FUTURE TECH February 11, 2016

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