Nokia Rising From The Dead? New Promo Hints At Ambitious Comeback [Video]

23 January 2016, 6:44 am EST By Horia Ungureanu Tech Times
Legendary Nokia 3310 makes a comeback

If Hollywood taught us anything, is that everybody loves an underdog that comes on top, and this is exactly where Nokia's latest promotional video hints at.

A while ago, Microsoft swallowed the mobile phone division of the Finnish manufacturer as part of the Nokia-Microsoft partnership. Far from banking heavily on the acquisition, the Redmond-based company still puts hefty amounts of resources into making customers want to buy a Windows Phone.

Microsoft purchased Nokia's workforce and its division assets, alongside the temporary rights to use both the Nokia and Lumia brands for its own smartphones.

As part of the Redmond agreement, Nokia can't sell devices under its brand name until the final quarter of this year. What it can do is build hype over a Nokia C1 phone, an elusive device which attracted numerous speculations and rumors over the past months.

Sources from the industry who want to remain anonymous claim that the surviving Nokia team plans a glorious return in the market of mobile hardware, and it gets support in doing so from latest subsidiary Alcatel-Lucent.

Nokia now has an inspiring new video called "Our vision," and one of the devices subtly starring in it might just be the Android-powered Nokia C1 that we heard about.

Observant viewers will notice a striking resemblance between the "selfie phone" which appears at the 1:24-minute mark and the leaked images of the Nokia C1 prototype. To draw even more parallels, the red-coated device from the 1:29-minute part could very well be a follow-up to the Nokia Asha.

Nokia maintains design - and licensing - capabilities, but it would be hard pressed to launch a phone by itself. Finding a partner-company with which to manufacture and market smartphones is most likely at the top of Nokia's priority list.

What we know for sure is that the promo video from Nokia puts the users first in the company's system of values.

"For us, technology must serve mankind...not the other way around," the video's narrator said.

We'll keep a close eye on how things turn out for Nokia, and if the Finnish company comes back with a bang, you will be the first to hear about it. Until then, check out the new Nokia promo video below.

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