Newly-leaked images claim to show the purported Nokia C1, revealing two operating systems for the unannounced handset: Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

The elusive Nokia C1 leaked on several occasions so far, but it has yet to materialize and make its formal debut. No official information is available on the device, so everything we have so far on the alleged Nokia C1, including the latest leaked render, is still in the rumor state. That said, take everything with a grain of salt.

The image above comes from Nokia Power User (NPU), which claims it is the first time it has received information from the tipster in question. The publication also highlights that it can't vouch for the authenticity of the render.

While the purported Nokia C1 has leaked in the past as well, the new render is particularly interesting because it shows two operating systems powering the handset. Previous reports hinted at an Android-powered Nokia C1, but the new image also shows a Windows 10 Mobile version of the smartphone (seen on the far right, behind the one with the Z Launcher).

"Nokia will take Android route that's we have heard, as it allows them to use the Z Launcher as the OS UI Layer. While the Render does have Android variant with Z Launcher UI, it looks like a nice concept than a real deal," NPU further points out.

As a reminder, Microsoft acquired Nokia's mobile unit a while back and the Finnish company is still bound by an agreement with Microsoft that prevents it from releasing any new phone until next year. Once that agreement expires in 2016, however, Nokia will be able to return to the smartphone market. At the same time, it's worth pointing out that the deal ends in the fourth quarter of next year, so it may not be until 2017 that we actually see a new Nokia smartphone hit the market.

With that in mind, this render seems even more confusing. The possibility of a new Nokia C1 smartphone running two operating systems or coming in two variants, each with a different OS, is not too farfetched, but it's still too early on to know anything for sure. The design in the new leak is also different from the design that previously leaked, particularly when it comes to the location of the cameras.

It's all still pretty hazy for now, but more information should come to light soon enough if the Finnish company is indeed working on a Nokia C1. In the meantime, a healthy dose of skepticism is advised.

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