Google Clock v4.3 Update For Android Brings Resizable Widgets And More: What To Expect


One of the standout features of Android over iOS is the ability to use widgets on the home screens of smartphones.

Typically, the time sits front and center on most Android home screens since it should be the first thing we see upon flipping on our phones. Clock apps do that best and Google's own Clock app is arguably one of the more aesthetically pleasing ones in the Play Store.

Unfortunately, using the Clock app widget had a few drawbacks, but they have now all been ironed out in the latest update to the app. With the latest version released earlier today, Google now allows for the its Clock app widget to finally be resized according to a user's tastes. 

Though a minor update, it is quite a handy one. Besides giving users the ability to make the Clock app widget any size they want, Google also gave the app a bit more flair with drop shadows added to the digital clock view of the widget.

It may not seem like a big deal initially, but the ability to resize a widget on our home screens is a very important feature to have. Because Google and Android users boast to have the most customizable mobile operating system platform as opposed to Apple's iOS and Microsoft's Live Tiles, a movable and resizable clock app is an additional plus.

When almost every other major app widget on the Play Store can be resized, being able to do the same on Google's Clock app allows geekier Android users to better set up their home screens. In fact, hardcore Android enthusiasts may also notice a few more touches to the updated visual layout of the Clock app, as Android Police points out.

Sliding on and off an alarm, deleting an alarm and adding an alarm have a bit more visual flair that makes those processes look cooler. Also, a snackbar (a small feedback window at the bottom of the screen that shows a brief message) pops up, displaying how much time is left before the alarm goes off.

Aside from resizability and a few visual upgrades, some bugs have also been fixed in the update. Night Mode, for example, should reliably show up on other devices where it didn't before. The update is live now on the Play Store and should auto-update. Alternately, users can also force the update themselves by updating the app directly on the Play Store, too.

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