Facebook Live Now Available On Windows 10: Here's The Deal

30 May 2016, 9:31 am EDT By Dave Calpito Tech Times
Cleveland police hunt for suspect who broadcast murder on Facebook Live
Facebook has decided to make Facebook Live available on Windows 10 tablets and computers. Here is how Windows 10 users can use this live streaming video service.  ( Microsoft )

Facebook wants more people to broadcast their actions on the go wherever they are in the globe as its live streaming service Facebook Live is now rolling out on Windows 10 computers and tablets.

Prior to releasing Facebook Live on tablets and computers, this service was pushed out into smartphones first.

Toward the end of April, Facebook Live already headed to Android and iOS smartphones, which made it possible for users to share what they were doing to their friends in different regions of the world. Now, Facebook Live has officially landed on the just-released app for Windows 10.

How Windows 10 Users Can Access The Go Live Option

Owners of Windows 10 tablets and computers can access the Go Live feature by simply hitting the livestreaming icon located in the Update Status box, in which users can find other app functionalities such as emojis and image sharing.

At the moment, Facebook has yet to announce as to when this nifty feature will be headed to Apple's iOS and OSX devices or Android tablets.

On April 28, Facebook app and Messenger chat service arrived on Windows 10. During the time, the company promised to pack in new features of the Facebook app for the operating system — and yes, livestreaming is one of them.

In the future, Messenger will be released on Windows 10 Mobile after developers fine-tune a few bugs and tweak the app's overall performance. What this means is that users of Windows 10 Mobile devices will soon enjoy sending voice messages, GIFs and stickers to their friends. They will also benefit from the key features of the Messenger app, such as Do Not Disturb mode and Push Notifications.

In early April, Facebook Live was treated with new features, including Discovery Tab, Live Reactions, Live in Groups/Events and more.

Earlier this month, Tech Times also reported that the firm is currently testing an added feature to the streaming service named Continuous Live Video. This new functionality allows users to watch a video nonstop. Facebook says that this one is slated to be pushed out to all users in the succeeding weeks.

For Digital Trends, this latest move of the company to offer Facebook Live to Windows 10 users suggests that the firm "is likely seeking all avenues of growth for its burgeoning service."

This also implies that Facebook is focusing its attention in transforming the social networking site into a go-to destination for streaming videos.

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