Facebook Live is pedaling hard to catch up with its rivals, and its newly added features should engage the digital community harder than before.

The social media company added a number of neat new functions: a capability to initiate live streaming inside groups and events, real-time reactions and the possibility to watch a video at the same time with a friend. Last but not least, a live map that allows users to share video is now available in no less than 60 countries.

Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Cox, product chief at Facebook, will showcase the service in Los Angeles. Dedicated Facebook Live users will get a notification to tune in when the conference begins.

The most important feature is the capability to do live broadcasts in groups and events. This can work well for anything, from concerts to marathons or charitable events.

The feature virtually permits friends and family to take part in events they cannot physically be there for. To top that, as much as five Instagram-inspired filters will be available, and the social media company promises that users will also get to doodle onto live video.

What is more, you will be able to react without saying a word. Tapping into the potential of the new emoticons (love, haha, wow, sad and angry), users may have live reactions while they watch the video. In case you only get to see the video as a Facebook Live replay, the reactions will sprout just as if you were watching a live broadcast.  

"We want people watching the broadcast after the fact to feel 'in' on the action," Facebook notes.

"Live Video Destinations" on mobile is another feature the company announced.

The section comes to the aid of those who search popular streams and live video from friends or folks that share common interests and passions. The section allows you to search both recorded and live videos. Via the "go live" button, anyone gets to stream their own videos.

For desktop users, the "Facebook Live Map" will come in handy as it aids in finding live video in 60 countries around the world. You may even want to co-watch with a friend, as streams now feature an "invite" button.

The fact that both Cox and Zuckerberg are backing the latest feature tells us that Facebook Live streams will be getting much more love from the company. The new features are expected to roll out in the upcoming weeks.

Facebook seems determined to catch up with its rivals, such as Periscope, Meerkat and YouTube, who tapped into the live video pool for some time now. YouTube, for example, is reportedly working on delivering a more user-friendly live-streaming service. Dubbed YouTube Connect, the service will match the experience of its competitors and try to surpass it. Just like Facebook Live, YouTube Connect will land on both iOS and Android.

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