PlayStation Vue Arrives On Android Just As Sony Promised

Just over a week after launching PlayStation Vue for Roku and promising to follow up with an Android release, Sony has made good on that commitment. And along with delivering the internet TV service to the world's most popular mobile OS, Sony also released some new features for its own platforms.

Android users can now access PlayStation Vue on their smartphones, tablets and Android TV set top boxes. And users can pick up the PlayStation Vue app at the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.

A Sony Entertainment Network account and Vue subscription will be required to get anything out of the app. Sony is still offering new users seven-day trials of the service, which is now widely available in the U.S., and PlayStation Vue's plans start at just $30 — in major cities with tons of live local coverage, that entry level plan may start at $40.

Along with Android support, Sony delivered a new Quick Navigation feature for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions of the Vue app.

"There's a new Quick Navigation menu that appears over your show, so you can get to a couple of places quicker," Sony explains.

One of the most common requests Sony has been fielding is the inclusion of a way to jump to "last channel" quickly. Sony delivered that and quick jump for Explore, My Shows, Guide and Search.

To invoke Quick Navigation, users can press their DualShock 4 gamepad's touchpad or press the triangle button of a DualShock 3 controller. Sony also delivered some user interface enhancement to the Vue app on both consoles and some PS4-exclusive features.

The PS4 version of the app has been updated to include users' favorite shows in the guide upfront and a "quicker way to preview rewind/fast-forward content."

"Want to keep an eye on what you're currently watching while scrolling through the Guide? You can now do so with our new video thumbnail in the upper right corner of the Guide as you move through new options of live TV and on-demand video in the Guide," says Sony.

With its vow to Android users kept and its own console cared for, Sony promised to revisit Amazon's Fire TV platform to deliver Quick Navigation and 60 frames per second for second-generation Amazon Fire TV devices.

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