HP's Rumored Consumer-Focused Windows 10 Phone Reported To Have Snapdragon 600 Under The Hood


Several days ago, reports have surfaced, detailing how Microsoft and HP are collaborating to build a consumer-friendly Windows 10 smartphone. Fresh information now shows more insights into this device, further reinforcing the idea that it is real and coming fast.

Mass Market Phone

The still unconfirmed reports support the earlier claim that the Windows 10 device will be consumer-grade. It is being classified as a mid-level phone largely due to its use of a chipset in the Snapdragon 600 range.

Dr Windows, a German website noted for its reliable Windows-related leaks, purportedly received concrete evidence that the device will succeed the HP Elite X3. This claim is bolstered by the fact that the new device will also support X3 accessories such as the HP docks.

Windows 10 Phone Features

Notable software features also include Continuum, which is a feature that can transform a mobile device into a productivity workhorse in such a way that it becomes more PC-like.

"Get real work done or browse the web, while still using your phone to talk, text, and tweet," Microsoft explained. "Use Continuum on your Windows 10 phone to power or project to a second screen-and even connect a keyboard and mouse."

As was previously reported, the new HP phone is also expected to ship with Glance. This is a feature previously seen in Lumia phones that can display time and notifications, including calls, messages and social media updates on the screen when it is off.

There is no word yet whether other Lumia features such as its own proprietary fingerprint scanning technology will get ported into the device.

Pricing And Availability

As a midrange device, the HP-Microsoft phone will probably get a price tag similar to the cost of Microsoft Lumia 930 or 950. The latter's value hover from $250 to $300 at Amazon. The competitive pricing is expected to give it a fighting chance when faced with the onslaught of Android devices. HP must have learned a lesson from its attempt to create a premium device in the latest X3, which did not exactly make waves in the market since its release last August.

According to another report, the HP phone could debut in next year's Mobile World Congress.

It is important to note that Microsoft's involvement in the manufacture of the new HP phone does not mean the device could be the widely anticipated Surface phone. That device claims an entirely different set of rumors and leaks, and is expected to hit the market in early 2018.

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