Google Featured Photos Screensaver Rolls Out To Mac


Apologies are in order for Windows users who won't be getting Google's new rad screensaver app that cycles through stellar photographic work shared regularly on Google+.

Google has long showcased a stunning array of photos from talented photographers, displaying them on TVs and monitors globally via Google Fiber and Chromecast devices. Now, Google is carrying the same feature to Mac which will display visually arresting high-resolution photographs culled from a talented Google+ pool whenever the Mac is inactive.

Featured Photos Screensaver App For Mac

Enabling the featured photos screensaver involves a fairly simple process. Google has provided a download page where Mac users can download the DMG file. Once it's finished downloading, users can double-click the .saver inside to install it alongside standard macOs screensavers.

"[W]e're pleased to be able to make these beautiful photos by our members even more accessible by bringing them to your computers and phones," wrote Neil Inala, a product manager for Google+.

To give due credit to the talented people behind the camera, Google will include the artist's Google+ profile so users can hunt them down and peruse their body of work. In an attempt to bolster privacy, the screensaver app will only ruffle through publicly shared high-res photos that don't depict people, so users will likely be treated to a striking gallery comprised mostly of landscapes, cityscapes, nature photography, objects or anything without humans in them.

Featured Photos For Android

Previously, these screensavers were only available on Google's Pixel phones, Chromecast and Google Fiber devices, but the company is also rolling it out to other Android devices, too.

Google's Wallpapers app for Android will now also let users cycle through same set of photos on a user's lock or home screen.

A Chance To Get Your Photos Featured

For budding photographers who want their body of work featured as a screensaver, Inala encourages them to continue sharing their photos on Google+ publicly. For those who want to further increase their chance of being featured, they may participate in Google's Create Program.

The Featured Photos screensaver app will also work for those who have a multiple-monitor setup, displaying one photo for each monitor, essentially turning one's workstation into a miniature gallery instead of displaying bland, soulless looping screensavers.

Google hasn't hinted on a possible Windows release for the screensaver app.

For Mac and Android device owners, have you tried Google's Featured Photos screensaver app yet? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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