Nintendo Switch Price Could Be Set At Around $250 In The US


Nikkei, one of Japan's top newspapers, tells markets and investors to expect the Nintendo Switch to sell for JPY 25,000, or around $215 when converted to U.S. currency at the present exchange rate.

However, even if the prediction proves accurate, discrepancies in international pricing would probably affect the actual price point of the console when it lands on U.S. shores. By contrast, Nintendo's erstwhile home console, the Wii U, sold for $299 at launch in the U.S. against the original price of JPY 26,250 in Japan. The latter figure actually cost more, however, since the Yen was strong at the time.

With that in mind, the Switch could retail for $250 in the United States, a price point which agrees with previous rumors and speculation.

Nintendo Switch Event

Even if Nikkei's (translated) prediction gives an idea on how the Switch could cost once it reaches stateside, it still pays to be wary of any rumors, which the console itself has garnered numerous of, in varying degrees of purported legitimacy. Anyhow, the Switch-focused event isn't too far now. On Jan. 12, Nintendo is poised to highlight essential metrics — performance, graphical capability, etc. — and launch games for the console.

To properly showcase it, Nintendo is also set to bring Switch units to several U.S. cities as part of a preview tour, ramping up hype as the console slowly hikes up to its scheduled release.

Other Nintendo Switch Rumors

Just-published FCC filings have also shed more light the Switch's basic rig information, such its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. The console could also be designed with a non-removable battery, a configuration which could spell cumbersome battery-related repairs for the system.

A fairly recent EuroGamer report has also hinted at how powerful the system could be, publishing alleged graphical performance results that have polarized the console's anticipants. At a clock speed of 307.2 MHz when in portable mode, and at a maximum clock speed of 768 MHz when nestled in its dock, power-hungry gamers have naturally balked at the system's long-term success with the speculative figures in mind, if it aims to compete with Microsoft and Sony.

In terms of other rumors, the console is also slated to support GameCube emulation, with three games having been already ported and tested to run on the console successfully. These GameCube titles are Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Animal Crossing could also be ported to the system as well.

For launch games, rumors are already suggesting Skyrim, a new 3D Mario game in the vein of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64, and Mario and Raving Rabbids crossover.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, mired by inconsistent release schedules, could also be added to the Switch's launch games lineup after all, if reports are to be believed.

We'll know more when Jan. 12 rolls around.

The Switch will hit shelves March 17.  

What do you think of the Switch's price point? Are you holding off on a decision until official specs are revealed? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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