Google App For Android Updated With Shortcuts To Various Widgets

Google has launched the beta version of Google app for Android, containing handy shortcuts to widgets. This feature is not available in the Google app for iOS or for users not enrolled in the Google beta program.

How Can I Access It?

The shortcuts to the widgets are placed at the top of the Google Now homescreen, which is accessed by tapping inside the Google Search box. You can also avail it by swiping right from the Home screen on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

What's New?

Devices testing Beta version 6.10.35 of the Google app will feature shortcuts for weather, nearby restaurants and the "I'm Feeling Curious" tab (which displays a randomly generated question and its answer.)

Other shortcuts to be seen include a calculator, nearby ATMs, My Events (which shows a tab all of all the day's events,) and more. Games like Solitaire and Tic Tac Toe are also a part of the list. The list of shortcuts are updated based on how frequently you use a particular widget.

Tapping the "View All" button at the end of the list takes you to a page where the shortcuts are arranged in a multi-level system of categories, namely: Nearby, Weather, Fun, Entertainment, Tools, Travel and My Stuff. My Stuff also contains shortcuts for "My Emails", "My Flights" and "My Hotels."

Is It Better?

Many of these widgets are available by searching Google for them, but the new beta version of the app comes with a wide array of tappable shortcuts for the same. It gets one to access the app's actual function which is to cut through the Internet, filter out useless information and provide accurate results. The beta version nails this brief and provides a faster and smoother search experience.

Google Search had taken a progressive step with its Cards feature but Google Now and Assistant have proved to be huge leaps towards revolutionizing web browsing.

While the Google Assistant has been limited to a few devices, the Google app, on the other hand, has a deeper reach among users, having being installed on more than 1 billion devices. Google had also added an Upcoming tab in the Google App last month, beside the existing card feed.

With the beta version currently being tested, it is being touted as the tool which will single-handedly change the online browsing scenario. Google has long been a pioneer of the searching game and will look to strengthen its position as the most reliable search engine. The revamped Google app looks to ensure the same.

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