Tokens Of Next Monopoly Game To Be Decided By Fans Through Online Voting: Here Are The 64 Choices


Game company Hasbro has put up an online voting system that will allow players to determine the eight tokens that will be featured in the next Monopoly game.

Hasbro has been in tune with technology for the classic board game, with the most recent example being the company's decision to use Facebook Live to make a major product launch announcement. With the online voting for the pieces of the next Monopoly game, Hasbro is once again turning to the power of the internet.

Hasbro's Monopoly Token Madness Vote

Hasbro, through a press release, announced the launch of the Monopoly Token Madness Vote, which will allow players to select the eight tokens that will be used for the 2017 edition of the classic board game that will be based on the streets of Atlantic City.

Currently, the eight tokens in Monopoly are the Scottie dog, the car, the top hat, the wheelbarrow, the boot, the thimble, the battleship, and the cat. The cat piece is the newest one, replacing the iron token back in 2013 through a vote that was decided on Facebook.

The position of these eight tokens in Monopoly, including the cat piece, is now up for grabs.

The Choices For The New Monopoly Tokens

Users can participate in the online vote by going to the dedicated website that Hasbro created. Upon starting the vote, players will be transported into a digital house where the choices for the eight monopoly tokens are placed on shelves and on furniture.

The eight current Monopoly tokens are displayed on the first screen, and the new options are located in the other rooms of the digital house. Players can select the eight tokens that they want to include in their vote and then click on the submit icon at the upper left corner to send in their choices.

The choices for new tokens offered to players are the following:

• scooter

• sunglasses

• horse

• wheel

• cell phone

• key

• hashtag

• typewriter

• money clip

• jet ski

• life preserver

• surf board

• sail boat

• fire

• T-Rex

• TV

• computer

• trumpet

• gramophone

• plane

• beach ball

• roller skate

• bicycle

• motorbike

• helicopter

• camera

• monster truck

• race car

• city boat

• tortoise

• another race car

• watch

• cuff links

• wink face emoji

• rotary phone

• thumbs up emoji

• cowboy hat

• bowtie

• bunny slipper

• cowboy boot

• tennis shoes

• shoe

• flip-flop

• rain boot

• pocket watch

• ducky

• bath

• penguin

• sliced bread

• Mr. Monopoly emoji

• fish

• smiley face emoji

• kissy face emoji

• rabbit

• crying with laughter emoji

• rooster

All in all, there are 64 choices, eight of which are the current Monopoly pieces and 56 of which are new tokens.

Vote For The New Monopoly Tokens Now

The voting will last until Jan. 31, and the winning choices will be used for the new Monopoly game that will be released in the summer. Hasbro will also be releasing a special Token Madness version of the new board game, which will feature the original tokens in addition to the eight chosen ones. In the meantime, there are several other variants of the classic board game, including ones for Fallout and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The winners of the online vote will be announced on March 19, which is deemed as World Monopoly Day.

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