There is something timeless about the classic board game Monopoly. Pretty much every kid winds up playing at one point in their childhood, and it is often associated with fun time with the family — not mention, a way to find out who is a sore loser and who is the game night cheater.

However, since first being released in 1935, it's also safe to say that the game has gotten a little dated over time. This is why Hasbro Gaming has decided to give the iconic board game a boost into the modern age with the launch of the game's new version — and it took to Facebook to share its major announcement.

Hasbro announced earlier this year its plans of getting rid of paper money in Monopoly to instead embrace technology and use a more common way to pay for big-ticket items (like that property on the Boardwalk): credit cards.

Called Monopoly Ultimate Banking, the updated version of the game comes with a credit card reader that scans the player's card and bar codes located on property cards so that player can make a purchase.

Instead of requiring players to deal with counting and sorting money, the game can move a whole lot faster. Players can still take advantage of raising rents to make more money as the game progresses.

The game was first unveiled in February at the 2016 Toy Fair in New York City. Hasbro is now using Facebook Live as its platform for celebrating the launch of the game.

In a Facebook Live video on Thursday, Aug. 11. the Monopoly Page announced a new sweepstakes that allows fans to get their hands on some cash — and we aren't talking about fake Monopoly money here.

Despite the fact that Monopoly Ultimate Banking is doing away with paper money, Mr. Monopoly is giving real money away to fans. In fact, the sweepstakes includes giving away up to $20,580 (which is the total amount of Monopoly money in a standard game).

To have a chance at winning some fortune, customers first have to pick up the new cashless Monopoly Ultimate Banking game that is now available for $24.99. Inside specially-marked versions of the game in the United States will be a promotional "Vault Giveaway Card." Players simply have to check the card by tapping on the banking unit or checking on to see if they are a winner. Prizes range from $5 to the big $20,580.

"We continue to keep the Monopoly brand relevant for today's fans and have introduced the Monopoly Ultimate Banking game to reflect how many of today's financial transactions are happening without cash," Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of global marketing for Hasbro Gaming, said in a press release. "The Monopoly Ultimate Vault Giveaway is an exciting way to help celebrate the game's launch and give back to our fans by letting them 'tap into' Mr. Monopoly's wealth."

This is the first time the company has used Facebook Live to make a major announcement, and it's interesting to see an 81-year-old brand like Monopoly embracing the current popularity of the social media outlet's live video feature for reaching audiences.

Facebook continues to provide a platform where customers and fans can hear directly from the companies and brands they love, while allowing said companies to engage with customers and find ways to keep them coming back — even if that means throwing some cash their way.

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