TIMELINE: Climate Issues A Decade After 'An Inconvenient Truth' Inspired Global Action


When the documentary first premiered, An Inconvenient Truth presented data and information that were, in fact, inconvenient.

The world back then was complacent about the massive usage of fossil fuels and did not place much focus on anthropogenic carbon emissions sources, much less their contribution to fast tracking global warming.

Naturally, the presentation of consequences of abusive actions, deliberate or not, made people shift in their seats, to say the least.

Though many people were alarmed by what they saw in the documentary, many others raised an eyebrow and called foul on the message that it passed along.

Since then, the debate on the matter has continued despite the overwhelming consensus in the scientific community of the actual drivers of climate change. Many are still considered climate change deniers, with some of them even holding office.

However, the very same fire that fuels the debate also fuels the passion of many in the fight to spread awareness about climate change and its effects, so much so that world leaders have come together to prevent further damage in the form of the Paris Agreement.

As An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power premiered at Sundance 2017, we now look to the original documentary and the projections that actually came to pass, as well as the many actions and advancements in the movement against climate crisis.

Climate Crisis: A Decade After 'An Inconvenient Truth'

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