The sequel to the award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth was finally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival after its announcement in December 2016.

The followup to the 2006 documentary was accepted with a standing ovation, and followed by rave reviews. Though the screening at the film festival is limited, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power is scheduled for a July 28 theater premiere.

We may have to wait until July to see the entire contents of the documentary, but what's known is that it follows former Vice-President Al Gore in his travels around the world for his work on climate change.

The sequel presents which among the extrapolations in the original documentary have come to pass, such as the rising sea levels, erratic weather, and the constantly rising temperatures as seen in 2016, the hottest year in recorded history.

In addition, and perhaps the more encouraging aspect of the sequel, is that from unembellished warnings about the imminent effects of climate change, Truth To Power does not just inform and warn people about climate change, but it also showcases the many hopeful changes that are happening across the globe since the original documentary premiered 11 years ago.

From serious investments on renewable energy to the monumental Paris Agreement, the discussion on climate change has significantly transformed in the past decade.

The Inconvenient Documentary

From its release 11 years ago, An Inconvenient Truth has earned roughly $50 million in the box office worldwide and won two Academy Awards. Since then, more and more documentaries have been made to present the various effects of climate change and what is being done about it to inform and also combat such effects across the globe.

The scientific community has come to a consensus about the significance of human influence on carbon emissions and climate change.

Al Gore's Personal Mission

Gore, for his part, has devoted years to combating climate change. Apart from coming up with the award-winning documentary, he is persistent in his endeavor both locally and internationally. He not just goes around the world to speak, but also to train more people in the art of leadership.

His organizations Climate Reality Project and Inconvenient Youth aim to empower new leaders from around the world who will educate more and more people in hopes of advancing the fight against climate change.

The documentary was filmed before the elections, but the new administration's stand on climate change is quite on the skeptical side.

But, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gore said President Donald Trump was receptive to his words, something that the former VP appreciates.

Gore reveals that he and the president have remained in discreet contact since the Dec. 5 meeting.

How this will translate into the Trump administration's policies concerning the environment is still yet to be seen, especially with the current cabinet appointments.

But it seems unlikely that Gore will back down from the discussion. Watch the trailer of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power below:

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