These Kodi Add-Ons Are Totally Legal


Kodi is not new to controversy regarding the legality of their services. As with most technological advances, though, the line that divides the legality and illegality of Kodi lies more on the usage of the service, rather than Kodi itself.

An unfortunate example in this debate is the case of a man from Teesside's legal battle after selling set-top Kodi boxes that allowed the buyers to stream movies and football matches for free. The boxes that the trader sold gave people access to Kodi and copyrighted material that they did not pay for. The man is charged with three offenses against the UK's Copyright, Design and Patents Act.

What is Kodi?

Simply put, Kodi is a free open-source software that focuses specifically on home entertainment. It was initially called Xbox Media Center (XBMC) as it was first created for the Xbox, but it has since evolved to stand on its own. Kodi is capable of turning any computer, television monitor and other devices into streaming devices for games, music, videos and more. It is a simple software unbound by an app store that allows users to stream from various sources and download a wide range of apps.

Is it legal? Yes. In its purest, most basic form, it is. It is further use of questionable add-ons that make Kodi a less than legal tool.

Examples of Legal Kodi Add-ons


Obviously, YouTube is on the list. It is a free service on its own that allows users to both watch videos and upload videos on their own accounts. YouTube has its own rules and regulations regarding safe and legal content, and once connected to Kodi, you can easily access and enjoy YouTube via your device of choice.


USTVNow is the online counterpart of cable channels. It is available only in U.S. territories and once registered into an account, it gives user access to content usually seen on cable TVs such as news channels and other content.

FilmOn TV

Similar to USTVNow, FilmOnTV is a streaming service that offers excellent video content, from sports to movies and series. An account is also necessary for this Add-on, but the security of its legality is definitely worth taking the time to create the account.

Dbmc (Dropbox)

Installing the Dbmc add-on to the Kodi allows users to view and organize the content in their Dropbox accounts on a much bigger screen. As such, it is not a full Dropbox Client, but rather a different way of accessing the content of your Dropbox.

Visit the site's Wiki Page for more information on legal Kodi add-ons:

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