WATCH: CNET Gets Flak For Nintendo Switch Kickstand Test: See For Yourself

Popular tech publication CNET is being strongly criticized over a recent video about the Nintendo Switch's kickstand. The article, which includes an accompanying demonstration video showing a purportedly fragile kickstand, has now earned ample ridicule from the public.

Nintendo Switch Kickstand Test

For those who don't already know, the Nintendo Switch, a forthcoming hybrid console slated for a March 3 release, features a kickstand on the back, and for good reason: One of the main selling points of the Switch is that can be docked for traditional home console play, taken out as a handheld, or be set on top of a table thanks to the integrated kickstand.

The little flap, for safety purposes, can be detached from the unit lest anyone tries to dock the system with the kickstand still open — instead of breaking, it'll just pop off like a lego part. CNET's article alleges that the Switch is easily toppled over when set in tabletop mode.

"Thing is, the Switch's kickstand isn't great. It's easy to tip. I've only been playing around with a Switch for a couple of days, and I've easily knocked it over a dozen times already," wrote CNET's Sean Hollister.

The author concludes that the kickstand isn't sturdy because it's off-center, and it doesn't take much to knock it over; that the flap opens only to a single angle, given that there's no adjustable hinge whatsoever; that the kickstand can detach entirely if the system falls over, or if one presses too forcefully.

To be fair, the author notes that the system won't wobble if left untouched sitting by itself, which is what tabletop mode is really for.

YouTube Comments Section Hell Breaks Loose

All was fine until denizens of the internet barreled down CNET furiously, accusing that the publication only wanted clicks so it wrote a ridiculous and clickbait-y article to achieve its purpose.

The YouTube video, which at present has almost 200,000 views, has now acquired more dislikes than likes — 874 likes against 30,095 dislikes, and it'll have likely accrued more past the publication of this article.

"My laptop shuts itself when I push the lid down," wrote YouTube user Mr Videos & Games, one of the video's top comments. "The kickstand works better when you don't knock the whole thing over," says another comment. Others have approached it with sarcasm, quipping one bon mot after another, with one such remark suggesting that they have now canceled their Switch preorders over a perfectly fine and functional feature. A YouTube user named Blunty even compared it to wacky, overperformed, and obviously staged infomercials.

Others took aim at the publication itself, commenting on its poor journalism.

"[Y]ou just showed everyone that you are garbage," says one comment, before going on a full-blown polemical tirade. "This is not journalism, this is a mix of incompetence, clickbait and pointless Nintendo bashing..."

The author has apparently gotten notice of the strong criticism over the article, saying that his intention was to reenact real-world problems with the kickstand on the Switch. He promised to illustrate similar articles with tests instead of recreations in the future.

The Nintendo Switch launches March 3 for $299. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes out on the same day for both the Switch and the Wii U.

Watch the kickstand "fail" test below for yourself. As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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