Spoiler-Free 'Logan' Review: Unapologetically Violent, And The Perfect Send-Off For Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

Logan is the final entry in the Wolverine trilogy, and is also the last time that Hugh Jackman will take up the role of Wolverine on the big screen. For a film that bears such weight, it not only delivers, but also exceeds expectations.

The movie is loosely based on the Old Man Logan storyline from the comic books, and features a gritty and grim tone throughout. As such, it is a departure from the frantic display of mutant powers and massive explosions that characterize past X-Men and Wolverine films, and instead focuses on what makes Logan human and his internal struggles.

Logan is certainly not like other superhero movies, but it is most definitely a film worth watching. Here is a spoiler-free review for the film.

'Logan' Is Unapologetically Violent

Children may want to watch Logan, as many have Wolverine as their favorite character. Sorry parents, but you will have to explain to your kids why they would not be able to watch the movie.

One of the things that makes Logan very different from previous X-Men and Wolverine films is its R rating. Right from the opening scene, the violence that will characterize the whole movie is already on full display, showing that the R rating is not just for show.

While Deadpool, another superhero movie that is similarly rated R, played with violent themes as part of the wisecracking mercenary's signature style, the violence portrayed in Logan is on another level, perhaps enough to make some moviegoers cringe.

'Logan' Looks Like 'The Last Of Us'

Ever since trailers and posters were revealed for Logan, comparisons with video game The Last of Us were already being made. This is because the dynamic between Logan and X-23 feels very similar to the relationship between Joel and Ellie in the post-apocalyptic survival horror game.

There have been threads on Reddit that have discussed how Logan looks and feels the same as The Last of Us, and after watching the movie, fans of the game will be able to spot striking similarities in terms of the atmosphere and aesthetics of the film.

However, that is where the similarities end. Logan and Joel share certain characteristics, but the savage X-23 is nowhere like the meek Ellie, and while the focus of the movie is on the relationship and journey of the pair, Logan's place in the X-Men universe creates a very different kind of tension and desperation.

Curtain Call For Jackman

Wolverine has always been the ball of rage of the X-Men, and with Logan, the violence of the character has finally been let loose, making it the perfect curtain call for Jackman.

Jackman has been associated with the character of Wolverine ever since the first X-Men movie was released in 2000. In Logan, Jackman pours it all out, leaving a legacy of a Wolverine that will likely never be matched.

Dafne Keen played the role of X-23 beyond its limits, and Patrick Stewart, also on his last time playing Charles Xavier, showed a different side of Professor X, but Logan was all about Wolverine and Jackman, and it is the perfect send-off for one of the all-time best castings for a superhero.

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