"Deadpool" is mindlessly offensive and over-the-top violent, with an extremely sick sense of humor.

In short, it was awesome.

(Don't worry. This is a spoiler-free review.)

"Deadpool" The Movie

"Deadpool," distributed by 20th Century Fox and to be released in North America on Feb. 12, presents an alternative and eye-popping take on superhero movies. "Deadpool" might be sharing the Marvel Universe with noble characters such as Captain America and Thor, but he is nowhere near that space.

The movie features a variety of flashback scenes, weaving Deadpool's origin story into his mission of taking down the man that turned him into the monster that he claims he is. The scenes are well done, seamlessly providing a glimpse of the man that Wade Wilson was and the mutant assassin that he became as "Deadpool."

Fight scenes, nudity, severed hands and contests on who has a more messed up life are just a few aspects of what makes the movie such a great one to watch. But of course, it helped that the titular character was portrayed perfectly.

Ryan Reynolds Redeems

Remember when "Deadpool" first showed up in the big screen in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"? Ryan Reynolds played Wade Wilson, and he showed promise from the onset as he made one wisecrack after the other while he was still in his regular human form.

Then came the bad decision of turning him into a super assassin that combined the abilities of different mutants, followed by the even worse decision of sealing his mouth shut. You couldn't have the Merc with a Mouth without a mouth, can you?

In the movie, Ryan Reynolds redeems himself, bringing to life the character that was suppressed in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Reynolds' wit and charm made him a perfect fit for the role the first time, and he goes to great lengths to showcase all the attributes that have endeared "Deadpool" to his fans for the movie.

Extreme Violence And Sick But Witty Humor

"Deadpool" fans that expected to be treated to a whirlwind of violence along with Deadpool's witty but sick sense of humor will not be disappointed with the movie. "Deadpool" will not be "Deadpool" without these two things, and the movie did not hold back.

"Deadpool" is famously banned in China for graphic violence, which means that the movie has done the character justice.

Was the violence over the top? Was the humor mindlessly offensive? Of course. And that is probably the answer that "Deadpool" fans are longing to hear.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

For those that do not know, the fourth wall is the term used for the concept that separates media such as movies from the audience, with the audience seemingly just watching events unfold before their eyes. As such, breaking the fourth wall means having the characters of the movie talk to the audience directly.

Fourth wall breaks in "Deadpool" are abundant, and it allows the movie to get away with just about anything just by having "Deadpool" point it out. There is even a scene that showed just how far "Deadpool" was willing to go to break through fourth walls.

Not For Everybody, But...

With all these praises said for "Deadpool," we have to admit that not everybody could appreciate it. While kids loved the Avengers as they took down Ultron, parents might not want their children to be exposed to all that blood and nudity in this non-traditional superhero movie. That goes the same for all other people that prefer to have their superhero movies take on the traditional formula.

However, for fans of "Deadpool," the movie is a blast to watch through and possibly one of the best adaptations of a character from Marvel's comic books.

Like we said, it was awesome.

Post-Credits Scene?

Moviegoers have been staying in their seats to wait for the credits to roll by ever since Marvel popularized post-credits scenes.

Without giving anything away, yes, there is a post-credits scene for "Deadpool," and it is something worth waiting for.

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