Google Rolls Out #myAndroid Taste Test To Help Users Create The Perfect Home Screen

13 March 2017, 12:42 am EDT By Aaron Mamiit Tech Times
Google has rolled out the #myAndroid Taste Test to help users come up with the perfect home screen for their devices. The online tool will ask a series of questions and then recommend three options to Android users.  ( Android )

One of the advantages of Google's Android mobile operating system compared to rival Apple's iOS is its wide range of customization options, a feature that Apple is not that keen on allowing for iPhone and iPad users.

However, this advantage can also be seen as a problem for Android users who simply could not make up their mind on what they want their smartphone to look like.

Google is now looking to help users in one aspect of Android customization through the #myAndroid online tool.

What Is The #myAndroid Taste Test?

The #myAndroid Taste Test is an online tool launched by Google to help users come up with the perfect home screen for their Android devices. The tool is designed for regular users, as opposed to Android fans who are well-versed with the launchers, widgets, and icon packs available for home screen customization.

The #myAndroid Taste Test is like the many entertaining quizzes found online that determine whether you really do fit in House Gryffindor or whether you are more of an Iron Man than a Captain America. Once the tool is launched, users will be asked to answer a series of questions that will help determine what the perfect home screen would look like for the quiz-taker's Android device.

The quiz should only take a few minutes, though users who will give the choices much more thought will spend a much longer time. Included in the questions are choices between wallpapers, color schemes, icons, the skill level of the user in working with Android, and even a few unusual ones that resemble psychological tests. In addition to preferences, the questions are designed to know more of the user's needs on their home screen.

At the end of the quiz, the #myAndroid Taste Test will offer users with three options, with each option including a wallpaper, an icon pack, a launcher, and widgets. Google will not limit itself to the Google Now and Google Pixel launchers for recommendations, with third-party launchers among the options to be offered. These third-party launchers, however, are likely curated beforehand by Google employees.

The options offered by the tool will contain all the download links necessary for the apps needed to create the home screen that the user will choose. However, crafting the perfect home screen will not be as simple as installing the recommended downloads, as users will still need to make their own adjustments in each of the apps that they added to their Android device.

Is The #myAndroid Taste Test Useful?

Android enthusiasts may have already found their perfect home screen, but taking the #myAndroid Taste Test could still prove to be a fun exercise. The recommendations offered by the tool at the end could even be apps that the user has never previously heard of, which would open up new customization possibilities.

For regular users or those who have recently switched to Android from iOS, the #myAndroid Taste Test will make it much easier to narrow down the choices for an Android home screen and highlight the massive customization possibilities for Google's mobile operating system.

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