Still Having Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con Connection Issues? Here's What You Should Do


Starting from before the launch of the Nintendo Switch, there have been several reports on connectivity issue with the left Joy-Con of the hybrid console.

While not all owners are experiencing the reported problem with their left controller, Nintendo Switch owners who are doing so are finding it difficult to play games properly on the hybrid console while in tabletop mode.

Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con Problem

The problem has been noted even from before the March 3 launch of the Nintendo Switch, as various review units of the hybrid console came with the problem. The left Joy-Con kept disconnecting while in use, resulting in sabotaged gameplay.

To play properly while in tabletop mode, it was said that gamers had to slot the Joy-Cons into the $70 Pro controller accessory being offered for the Nintendo Switch.

There was hope that Nintendo would address the problem before the device was launched through a day 1 update, but the fix never came. Instead, Nintendo gave suggestions on how gamers can avoid the reported connectivity issues with the left Joy-Con, including placing the Nintendo Switch in a spot with little to no interference, moving other wireless devices away from the hybrid console, and restarting the Nintendo Switch.

Unsurprisingly, even with the suggestions, there were still some gamers complaining about the issue. This prompted a response from Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé, who said in an interview that they were just starting to gather facts about the problem.

What Is Causing The Left Joy-Con Connection Issue?

Nintendo has not released an official statement on possible causes for the connectivity problems of the left Joy-Con, though the company has claimed that the issue is not as widespread as it is reported to be, with the number of requested replacements or repairs for the controller considered to be "not significant."

That has not stopped people from trying to find out the root of the issue on their own, though. Several users have discovered that the antenna assembly of the two Joy-Cons are different, with the right Joy-Con featuring a separate antenna while the left Joy-Con has an antenna that is built into its circuit board.

The construction of the antenna, however, is not considered to be the culprit of the connection problems. A large metal piece found to be located next to the antenna of the left Joy-Con is possibly causing interference for gamers who are experiencing the issue

What You Should Do If Your Left Joy-Con Is Dropping Connections

In another response by Nintendo regarding the left Joy-Con's connectivity, the company reiterated that there are no widespread technical issues with the Nintendo Switch, with all reported problems being handled promptly.

Nintendo added that it is continuously updating the customer support website for the Nintendo Switch and that it remains committed in answering questions coming from owners of the hybrid console. As such, for Nintendo Switch customers who are experiencing connection problems with their left Joy-Con, they are recommended to contact the customer service team of Nintendo.

Nintendo reiterated that the number of replacement and repair requests for the Nintendo Switch, including its Joy-Cons, are not significant and just consistent with all past new hardware released by the company.

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