Nintendo's latest console offering is sure making noise, but one problem that the first users or even some of the reviewers have found in the console, however, is the Joy-Con's incorrect response when used wirelessly, which is one of the console's biggest selling points.

The good news is Nintendo already has the answers to your connectivity problems, and some of these stood out for obvious reasons. Apparently, you're not supposed to use the Joy-Con near an aquarium or a microwave. Well, there goes my plans for the afternoon.

But in case you've got the Nintendo Switch and are having problems with the Joy-Con when you try to use it wirelessly, such as having the characters in your game not respond accordingly or if the Joy-Con simply does not connect to the console, here are some of the steps that Nintendo suggests you take.

Location, Location, Location!

Nintendo suggests that placing the Switch out in the open where there is little to no interference is one of the best ways to ensure that the Joy-Con will respond properly to the console. As such, users of the Switch must make sure that the console is not, as stated, placed near an aquarium, behind a television, in or under a metal object, or against a large bundle of cords.

Check For Interference

As mentioned, the Joy-Con and console works best if there is no interference from other devices. In this case, the user must check for any nearby devices that may have caused the connectivity problem such as a laptop, your tablet, USB 3.0 compatible devices, cordless phones, and microwaves. Nintendo also warns against placing the console close to wireless devices such as headsets, printers, and speakers.

Moving these devices 3 to 4 feet away would likely be enough to have the console and Joy-Con working properly again.

Checking The Basics

If you've placed your console at the best possible location and you're still having problems with the Joy-Con, maybe it's time to check if your console has the latest update or even if it's charged enough. You may also want to try to go nearer to the console while gaming so as not to place too much distance between the console and the Joy-Con.

If you've done all these things and the Joy-Con still won't connect properly, Nintendo suggests the ultimate repair in all of modern history: try shutting it off.

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