Nintendo 64 Transformed Into Nintendo Switch Dock: Another Solution For Screen Scratching Issues


The Nintendo Switch has found much success since its launch, but the hybrid console is far from being a perfect device. One of the issues that gamers have reported regarding the Nintendo Switch is that the display of the hybrid console is prone to being scratched when being inserted into its dock.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé said that the issue never came up in the company's testing, and so has urged customers to contact Nintendo support with details on the problem if they are affected. In the meantime, Nintendo Switch owners have come up with a variety of their own solutions on how to prevent the dock from scratching the hybrid console's screen.

The latest solution to the screen scratching problem has been proposed and demonstrated by redditor tettzan777, and it utilizes one of the most loved consoles ever released by Nintendo.

Nintendo 64 Transformed Into Nintendo Switch Dock

In a thread on the official Nintendo Switch subreddit, tettzan777 showed an image of the result of his project to transform his Nintendo 64 into a dock for Nintendo's latest console. The thread is a follow-up to previous threads that were created for the project, which was said to have taken less than a week to complete.

In the thread, tettzan777 noted that the Nintendo 64 that he used for the project was completely broken with no way to fix it, one of the burning questions that other Nintendo fans have asked him as it would have been a complete waste to destroy a working Nintendo 64 for the endeavor.

The Nintendo 64 as a Nintendo Switch dock looks great, and is a perfect project for fans of the company's consoles and games. It can be seen that the Nintendo Switch fits well into a hole made into the Nintendo 64, though as one user rightfully pointed out, it would be impossible to attach the Joy-Cons to the side of the Nintendo Switch while the hybrid console was inserted into the Nintendo 64 dock. The limitation was admitted by tettzan777, adding that he needed to charge the Joy-Cons through the front USB ports that he added to the Nintendo 64 dock.

For Nintendo Switch owners who have broken Nintendo 64 units lying around, this might be a worthwhile project to undertake, not just as a solution to the scratching issues of the hybrid console's dock but as a noteworthy addition to the gaming cabinet for Nintendo fans.

For a better look at the Nintendo 64 dock for the Nintendo Switch, tettzan777 has also uploaded a video showing his project in action.

Other Nintendo Switch Issues

Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch owners, scratched screens from inserting the hybrid console into its dock is not the only problem being reported for the device.

There have been reports of dropping frame rates for the Nintendo Switch, along with connection issues with the left Joy-Con. Both of these problems, however, have since been figured out.

However, the biggest issue surrounding the Nintendo Switch would be its supply problem, which GameStop believes would last through the rest of the year.

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