The Nintendo Switch Screen Gets Scratched From Docking The Hybrid Console: Here Are Some Solutions


The Nintendo Switch has finally launched, ending the wait of gamers who have been looking forward to the hybrid console ever since it was announced.

However, as with any new product entering the market, the Nintendo Switch comes with a variety of issues. One of the biggest early problems reported for the hybrid console was a connectivity issue with its Joy-Con controllers, a problem that Nintendo has since addressed by suggesting that players should not use the devices near a microwave or an aquarium, among other things.

The problems for the Nintendo Switch do not end there though, as there appears to be a scratching issue with the hybrid console's dock.

Nintendo Switch Screen Scratches From Docking

According to several reports, users are seeing hairline scratches appearing on the screen of the Nintendo Switch. The scratches happen when users insert the hybrid console into its dock.

A report by Glixel praised the 6.2-inch, 720p LCD screen of the Nintendo Switch for offering players with amazing visuals, but then criticized the screen for being more delicate than it should be, as plastic was used to cover the screen similar to Sony's PlayStation Vita rather than a scratch-proof glass like on smartphones and tablets.

Despite being properly taken care of by Glixel reporters, little scratches have started appearing on the screen of the Nintendo Switch. The scratches are on the bezel and not on the display itself, which is good that it will not affect the playing experience, but bad because the scratches are very easy to notice with the black backdrop.

The screen of the Nintendo Switch is being scratched because when the hybrid console is being inserted into the dock and the user is not able to catch the USB-C prong, adjusting the device scrapes its screen on the hard interior of the dock. There is no padding inside the dock, which makes the Nintendo Switch prone to scratches,

How Can Owners Prevent Scratches On The Nintendo Switch?

Fortunately, there are some things that users can do to prevent the display of their Nintendo Switch from suffering such hairline scratches.

First off, it is almost impossible to be able to perfectly slide the Nintendo Switch into the USB-C prong every time to prevent such scratches, so just being extra careful is not a good solution.

Redditor Senkettsu, through a thread on the official Nintendo Switch sub-Reddit, showed his solution of attaching adhesive pads to the interior of the docking station, specifically on rail areas which he found to be very rough and can really cause scratches on the hybrid console. Attaching adhesive pads, however, will make it a bit harder to insert and pull out the Nintendo Switch, though that is a small adjustment to make to be able to save its display from scratches.

However, the most efficient way to prevent such scratches appears to be simply to purchase a screen protector for the Nintendo Switch. Doing so will add about $10 more to the overall price of the hybrid console though, which combined with the necessary SD card and accessories, will drive up the cost of the Nintendo Switch much higher than its $299 price tag.

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