Next Patch For 'Overwatch' Will Fix Mei Bugs, Uprising PvE Mode Exploit


Blizzard recently launched the Uprising event for Overwatch, providing players with a glimpse of the history of the Overwatch team. However, the addition of the event also introduced several bugs, which are thankfully now being addressed by the development team.

The patch that will fix the issues was announced by Max Thompson, the quality assurance lead for Overwatch, through the forums.

Next 'Overwatch' Patch Incoming

In the thread started by Thompson in the forums, he gave a quick update on the fixes that will be applied to Overwatch in the multiplayer shooter's next patch.

The first issue that the patch will fix is the bug that prevents Mei's the primary weapon and ultimate skill from slowing down enemies, along with the issue wherein her ultimate simply disappears after being launched. The problems, which started happening when the Uprising event started, take away one of Mei's most unique characteristics and weakens her skillset drastically. Thankfully, the next patch will fix these issues, after Overwatch principal designer Geoff Goodman noted a few days ago that the development team has found the cause of the problems.

The next Overwatch patch will also fix the problem of projectiles not behaving correctly when they are launched from the top of a payload. Thompson mentioned later in the thread that the patch will also fix the problem of the turrets of Torbjorn not properly firing when placed on moving platforms, which could be related to this item.

The patch will also fix a game-breaking bug in the player vs. enemy mode introduced in the Uprising event that prevents enemies from spawning when one of the team members runs to the door during the part where the payload needs to be escorted. The bug effectively cancels out one portion of the PvE mode, which would make completing it on Legendary difficulty much easier.

Thompson added that the Overwatch patch will also apply several fixes to the statistics related to the Uprising event, as well as eliminate a bug that grants instant wins when players meet certain circumstances in some modes.

When Will Next 'Overwatch' Patch Arrive?

Thompson said that the development team was looking to release the patch before the weekend but decided to delay it to ensure the patch's quality before rolling it out to players. The patch should arrive to the PC version of Overwatch within this week, with Blizzard also rushing to get the fixes out to console players as soon as possible.

Thompson admitted that the patch will not solve all the problems that players have reported since the release of update 1.10 alongside the launch of Uprising. However, the bugs that the patch will solve are described as the top issues, as Blizzard continues to work out all the reported problems in the game.

Blizzard also recently revealed that the console versions of Overwatch will soon get more aiming options to appease expert players who want more control over their characters. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan also recently said that he already knew who the 25th hero of the game is but did not reveal his or her identity.

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