Overwatch For Consoles To Soon Get More Aiming Options: Good News For Expert Players


The Overwatch development team will soon roll out more aiming options to the console versions of the massively popular multiplayer shooter, which is good news for expert players who want more control over their heroes.

The move will close the gap between Overwatch players who use controllers and those who use a mouse and keyboard, which game director Jeff Kaplan previously raised objections against.

'Overwatch' Aim Smoothing

For the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Overwatch, Blizzard implemented the aim smoothing feature to make aiming feel smoother for players using the control sticks of the consoles' controllers. The smoothing makes it easier for novice players to find their aim in the multiplayer shooter.

However, expert players have long criticized the feature, as while it makes aiming feel smoother, it also reduces the controller's precision. The topic has spawned countless threads on various online forums, with players requesting for the elimination of aim smoothing or at the very least a way to turn it off for some gamers.

The Overwatch development team, as it had with several issues in the past, have listened to player feedback.

Aim Smoothing Options To Be Added To 'Overwatch'

In a thread on the topic in the official forums of Overwatch, Blizzard lead engineer Tim Ford issued a response to the long-running issue that will be gladly received by hardcore players.

"We hear you loud and clear," Ford said, adding that two new aiming options will be introduced in the upcoming patch for Overwatch.

The development team will be adding a slider for the aim smoothing feature of the game. The default option will be the current smoothing being applied in the shooter, with full smoothing and low acceleration. Players will be able to drag the slider as they see fit, and at zero, players will experience no smoothing at all and instant acceleration when they move their controller sticks.

Ford also said that there will be a new aim technique added to Overwatch known as Linear Ramp. With the aim smoothing set to zero, players will find their heroes rotating, depending on the angle that they move their aim stick, multiplied by sensitivity.

The thread was then flooded by posts of gratitude from console players, showing that the planned addition is really in high demand.

Hardcore 'Overwatch' Players, Rejoice!

The planned changes, if they work as intended, will provide expert Overwatch players with full control over their heroes, compared to the inaccurate feeling being provided by aim smoothing.

However, turning off aim smoothing is not recommended for beginners, as aiming and movement will become completely dependent on the player's input. The precision gained will be a huge bonus, but the skill required to take advantage of the feature will need to be built up first.

There is no word yet from Blizzard and the Overwatch development team on when the features will be added to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. It might take some time due to the certification process required for updates being issued to consoles, but at least the long-requested changes by expert players are on their way.

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