iPhone 8 Leaks And Rumors: Specs, Features, Release Date And What We Know So Far


The 2017 iPhone line-up is teeming with rumors and unverified leaked photos. It seems like every day, new rumors and leaked photos are circulating the internet, so here is a quick round-up of the latest rumors surrounding the elusive 10th anniversary iPhone so far.

What Will It Look Like?

Let's begin with the basics. What will the iPhone 8 or iPhone X look like?

The latest leak revealed a detailed diagram of what the new iPhone will look like. The diagram shows an iPhone that is slightly smaller than previously rumored at 5.41 inches long and 2.66 inches wide, very similar to the current iPhone 7s.

It also suggests a 2.5D curved glass covering the entire display of the handset leaving no space for a home button, and an earpiece at the top of the device.

Around the same time, reports stating that Apple is pretty much finalizing the iPhone 8's design also revealed that the iPhone 8 could possibly sport a vertical iSight camera, flat OLED display, less bezel in front, and a stainless steel chassis, something that noted leaker Sonny Dickson agrees with in his tweet.

Touch ID

Will the new iPhone support Touch ID, and where will it be located?

This is a tricky one, because every new leak reveals new information. Nothing is really set in stone when it comes to these rumors, as one moment Apple is supposedly working on keeping the Touch ID in the front display, and the next moment, they will find a place for it at the back.

However, if we were to follow the latest leaks by tipster Sonny Dickson, it would seem as though Apple did indeed find a place for the Touch ID at the back, right below the logo.

AR On The iPhone

Perhaps the rumor of an AR-incorporated iPhone is one that's been circulating for a while. However, latest leaks reveal that maybe Apple isn't quite ready to place AR technology in their handsets.

In the leaked report from the Environment Health and Safety contractor, two separate incidents concerning an AR prototype or a similar technology led a female employee to seek for medical treatment just last Feb. 21 and March 2.

Whether the tech will make it in time for launch is still a mystery, but who really knows?

More Than One iPhone

Two iPhones doesn't necessarily mean two versions of the same phone will be released. This month, leaked information revealed that Apple is apparently working on two versions of the iPhone 8, but it may not be exactly what you think.

A 'Plan A' and a 'Plan B' iPhone 8 is reportedly in the works, with 'Plan B' being the back-up plan just in case something goes wrong with 'Plan A.'

Release Date

Many are expecting to see the release of the new iPhone by September, as that has been the norm since the iPhone 5 in 2012. However, delays are expected for the much anticipated iPhone 8 possibly due to supply issues or problems with installing the fingerprint scanner.

Essentially, there is nothing really sure about the iPhone 8 except for the fact that people are so excited for it that new rumors are popping up every day. We will never really know which ones are real, and which were just conjectures until Apple decides to finally reveal their 10th anniversary handset.

Until then, more rumors are likely to surface, while Apple continues to work on a device that's hopefully worth the wait.

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