Reports of Apple facing difficulties in embedding the Touch ID sensor beneath the smartphone's display has surfaced frequently.

A new leak suggests that Apple may incorporate the Touch ID module on the back of the handset instead of completely removing the feature, or placing it in the front.

Tech Times earlier reported that Apple was considering two options for Touch ID on the iPhone 8. The company could either eliminate the feature from the smartphone, or figure out a way to include the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and delay the iPhone 8's launch.

iPhone 8 Touch ID At The Back?

The leaked schematic of the iPhone 8, which shows off the Touch ID on the impending handset, is courtesy tipster Sonny Dickson. He shared the new design for the iPhone 8 on Twitter.

Contradicting earlier reports, the new leaked design sheet of the iPhone 8 shows the presence of the Touch ID module at the back, just beneath the Apple logo.

One can also see a vertically aligned dual-camera setup, which will fall on the left — once the cover is flipped.

The camera positioning falls in line with previous rumors which also cited the presence of a vertically aligned dual-camera for the iPhone 8. A small hole below the camera space can be assumed to have been dedicated for the placement of the LED flash.

Previous rumors stated that the glass sandwich design may make a comeback with iPhone 8. This design was last used for iPhone 4 series in 2010.

The veracity of the leaked schematic is circumspect, so it is advisable that one takes the news with a grain of salt.

iPhone 8 Touch ID Placement Rumors

Quite a number of rumors have been abuzz regarding the placement of iPhone 8's Touch ID sensor. Earlier, it was hinted that Apple will embed the Touch ID sensor beneath the smartphone's display. This design change would help the iPhone 8 sport a bezel-less look.

However, several reports suggested that the company was encountering trouble implementing the same. Apple was reportedly having issues ensuring full functionality of the feature with the design change.

Previous leaks have highlighted the possibility of a rear-mounted Touch ID on the iPhone 8. It appears that Apple could potentially take this route, unless the company manages to find an effective method to incorporate the technology beneath the smartphone's display.

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