Nintendo Switch Update 3.0.0: Pro Controller Wired Connection Support, 6 New 'Splatoon 2' User Icons, And More


Nintendo has now officially released the Switch 3.0.0 update, bringing several new changes to the console aside from the usual spate of stability improvements fans have come to joke about in every firmware release. Here's a breakdown of the most important ones.

Switch 3.0.0 Update: Wired Pro Controller Option

The update brings a crucial compatibility feature with an external controller. Beginning with firmware version 3.0.0, Switch users who own a Pro Controller may now connect it to the device via the charging cable instead of hooking it up wirelessly.

Why is this important? Well, with a wired pairing option, Pro Controller owners will be less likely to encounter interference issues when playing games on their Switch, ensuring there's no input delay at all.

Bear in mind, however, that hooking up your Pro Controller via a wired connection will disable its NFC touchpoint, so you won't be able to tap any amiibo when playing. Exactly why NFC functionality is disabled when using a wired connection is a bit unclear, but the Switch subreddit has a couple of ideas.

Switch 3.0.0 Update: Where's My Joy-Con?

Users may now also find their lost Joy-Con or other compatible controllers by making them vibrate remotely. Of course, the controllers must be within communication range, according to Nintendo. No more fumbling underneath your couch to find your Joy-Con controllers — simply go to Controllers > Find Controllers and make them vibrate.

Switch 3.0.0 Update: New User Icons

The new update also brings six new user icons from the upcoming game Splatoon 2, out July 21. Go ahead and choose one from the bunch if you prefer. Now, if only Nintendo can add icons from Arms, too.

Switch 3.0.0 Update: Connect A USB Keyboard

Switch owners may now also connect a USB keyboard to their dock, which will be functional whenever the onscreen keyboard shows up. When an Animal Crossing title for the Switch eventually comes along — fingers crossed — a proper keyboard to type on would be extremely useful for online chats. Here's hoping Nintendo has already begun development on the title.

Switch 3.0.0 Update: Change Display Colors

Tired of a regular display? Well, the Switch now offers the functionality to view everything in grayscale or with the colors all inverted. You can enable either of the two by going to System Settings > System > Change Display Colors. Unfortunately, taking screenshots in either modes will still give you a colored photo, so tough luck.

Switch 3.0.0 Update: Notifications For Online Friends

Should any of your friends go online with their Switch, the new update now allows you to receive notifications once they do. Head to System Settings > Notifications > Friend Notifications to toggle this feature on or off. It's a small, but essential addition, especially for those looking for some quick Mario Kart 8 Deluxe matches.

Check out Nintendo's full changelog for Switch firmware 3.0.0 to view all the changes, updates, and improvements.

Thoughts about the Switch update? Any missing feature you want to be added in future software updates? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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