Pokémon GO Anniversary Event: How To Get Pichu, Pikachu With Ash's Hat

Pokémon GO has officially kicked off its one-year anniversary, lasting through July 24. The game, which came out last year, has hit smartphones like wildfire, making people hike outdoors to venture out and find little pocket monsters.

Though lasting through a full year with this much popularity is already a big deal in and of itself, Niantic didn't exactly advertise what makes the anniversary so special. Players might stumble upon a Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum's hat if they spend some time with the game now, but there's another Pokémon they should also look out for: a Pichu also wearing Ketchum's iconic hat from the series.

Users on The Silph Road subreddit have discovered that a Pichu hatched during the anniversary event are born donning the hat by default — and it looks insanely cute. The hat appears a little too big for the wee Pokémon, which makes it all more adorable.

Pokémon GO Anniversary Event: How To Get A Pikachu With Ash Ketchum's Hat

Getting a Pikachu with the iconic Ketchum hat is pretty much simple. It'll simply span during the whole anniversary event. Niantic increased the spawn rates for Pikachu in general, though, so you'll likely see one eventually. Keep in mind, however, that beyond the hat, it's pretty much your regular Pikachu. Also, it appears only Pikachu dons the hat in the wild and not other Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Anniversary Event: How To Get A Pichu With Ash Ketchum's Hat

There's still no official way to get a hat-wearing Pichu, although early signs tell that getting one involves a bit of luck. What players need to do here is collect as many 2-kilometer eggs as they can and try to walk around and hatch them during the anniversary event. Chances are, they'll get a Pichu with the hat if they're lucky enough.

Anniversary Box

Aside from hat-wearing mouse Pokémon, Niantic is also offering an anniversary box for 1,200 coins, or $9.99. Here's what's included in the anniversary box:

• Six egg incubators

• Six max revives

• 20 Ultra balls

• Two premium passes for Pokémon GO raids

Some, however, argue that the box simply isn't worth it, since it only features a small discount when you actually calculate the individual prices of everything included in the box.

Again, the Pokémon GO anniversary kicked off July 6 and ends July 24, which should be more than enough time for you to run into Pikachu or hatch a Pichu — both wearing adorable little hats.

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