Nintendo Unleashes Shirtless Mario For 'Super Mario Odyssey': Here Are The Funniest Reactions Online

15 September 2017, 7:38 am EDT By Aaron Mamiit Tech Times
Super Mario Odyssey gameplay trailer | Nintendo Switch

A promotional image for Super Mario Odyssey uploaded by Nintendo of America on Twitter has gone viral due to shirtless Mario.

Mario is shown wearing nothing but his trademark red cap and red trunks with white polka dots, an image that could not be unseen for many gamers who grew up with the long-running Super Mario franchise.

Shirtless Mario: Funny Reactions

Since shirtless Mario was unleashed by Nintendo, Twitter users have focused one minor detail: Mario's nipples.

Despite the fact that Mario is shown on the "sunny shores of Bubblaine in the Seaside Kingdom" of Super Mario Odyssey, people just could not get over the image of a bare-chested Mario.

Many other tweets have since poked fun at shirtless Mario, which is apparently a big deal.

Whatever your stand is on the shirtless Mario affair, at least we know that Nintendo is finally making some sense in its costume designs. An unearthed promotional image for Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo GameCube showed Mario lounging on the beach wearing his usual coveralls, which is not what most people would wear when going there.

Is Mario Human?

Unleashing shirtless Mario could be Nintendo's latest attempt at showing that the character is human, amid the video game company's move to make Mario feel more human in Super Mario Odyssey than any other Super Mario game.

Super Mario Odyssey, set to launch on Oct. 27 for the Nintendo Switch, was heavily featured at the Nintendo E3 2017 event. The open-world game has a massive focus on exploration, supported by Cappy, the red cap. Through Mario's Cappy, players will be able to capture, not possess, various characters and objects in Super Mario Odyssey, granting them unique abilities that can be used to accomplish various in-game objectives and defeat enemies.

In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario needs to sleep when he gets tired, and he dances when he gets excited. Making Mario feel more human also requires him to wear proper swimwear and exposing his nipples when going to the beach, so at least Nintendo is consistent.

Nintendo even recently confirmed that Mario is not a plumber any longer, as he has taken many other jobs through the various games in the franchise.

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