Nintendo showed off Super Mario Odyssey, the latest Super Mario game that is coming to the Nintendo Switch, at E3 2017, revealing several more details about the highly anticipated title.

Super Mario Odyssey will be launched in October for the hybrid console. For excited Nintendo Switch owners, here are a few tidbits on Mario's new open-world adventure.

Mario's Hat Plays A Huge Role

While Mario's hat has been nothing more than decorative headwear in previous Super Mario games, the accessory is actually the core mechanic for Super Mario Odyssey. In the game, players can throw their hat to collect coins and break bricks, or swing it around to damage nearby enemies. Players can also have Mario hop on the hat as it hovers in the air for a few seconds.

Mario can also use his hat to gain control over enemies and other things. It is sort of similar to Kirby's ability to suck in opponents and acquire their abilities, with the difference being that Mario takes over the body of his target. Mario can take over a Bullet Bill to clear gaps, a Chain Chomp to break obstacles, and as shown in a gameplay trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, even a dinosaur.

Focus On Exploration

"Because throwing the cap is a new action, we want players to feel empowered or encouraged to go ahead and try this action wherever they feel it might work," said game director Kenta Motokura, highlighting the focus on exploration for the open-world title.

Super Mario Odyssey is structured in such a way that gamers can take their time in exploring the different kingdoms that they visit. Such a design also works well with the portability of the Nintendo Switch, as players can continue their game while on the go even if they only have a few minutes to spare. The recommended way of playing the game, however, is with the Joy-Cons detached, as they provide motion controls for Mario's hat moves.

Collecting Power Moons

Mario will ride the Odyssey ship to different kingdoms with the aim of collecting Power Moons, instead of Power Stars from previous Super Mario games.

There will be many more Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey than Power Stars in past titles. Collecting a certain number of Power Moons is needed to unlock a new kingdom, and they can be acquired through a variety of ways. Some are just floating around and ready to be taken, while others are hidden in secret locations or serve as rewards for certain tasks.

Accessing Unlockables Through Coins

Players can spend the coins that they collect to purchase new items in Super Mario Odyssey. There are the standard yellow coins, which can be spent anywhere, and the unique coins that can be found in each kingdom.

Items that can be purchased include new clothes for Mario and power-ups such as a Life-up heart for increasing his health.

Players will need to be careful though. While there are no lives in Super Mario Odyssey, players will lose coins whenever they die.

Super Mario Odyssey Launches In October

Nintendo will release Super Mario Odyssey on Oct. 27, making it available right from the start of the holiday shopping season.

The company is hoping that titles such as Super Mario Odyssey will help continue the Nintendo Switch's momentum, as the hybrid console has the potential to outsell the Nintendo Wii, the company's best-selling console of all time.

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