New OnePlus 5T Render Shows Bezel-Less, Curved Glass Display, Rumored To Launch Nov. 16


OnePlus's upcoming phone gets clearer and clearer every day — and with a new render provided by none other than trusted tipster Evan Blass, the device is all but confirmed.

The OnePlus 5T, which continues the "T" naming scheme for iterative updates that started with last year's OnePlus 3T, is expected to arrive sometime this fall, following the OnePlus 5 released in June. The company has said little to nothing about the phone so far, but as usually with these things, crumbs manage to slip through the cracks.

OnePlus 5T Render Leaked

One such crumb is now circulating online, care of Blass. He published an image Monday, Oct. 30, showing what appears to be the OnePlus 5T, but only the top half. He calls it the OnePlus 2.5t.

But even with the truncated image, the bezel-less, edge-to-edge display could never be clearer. Also, the phone appears to have a 2.5D curved glass profile, as on the iPhone 8.

It's not a particularly shocking image, but if it ends up being accurate, this means OnePlus has officially transitioned to bezel-less displays, like 2017 flagships from Samsung, Xiaomi, and LG. The OnePlus 5, though a great flagship phone design in its own right, still has plenty of top and bottom bezels, which makes it seem it's not from 2017. The Pixel 2's design is another example.

OnePlus 5T Specs

According to an earlier leak from GizChina, OnePlus's upcoming device will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, an Adreno 540 GPU, and a whopping 8 GB of RAM. In addition, the phone will have 20-megapixel main and secondary shooters, meaning selfies will look just as great as the rear shots.

The screen is another story. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau tweeted last week expressing how great Samsung's AMOLED screens are:

"OLED helps us build thinner devices and better display experiences. Samsung's display technology is currently the best for Optic AMOLED." This makes sense, though, as the OnePlus 5 has a 5.5-inch AMOLED display itself.

This time, however, the OnePlus 5T will reportedly have a 6-inch display, and not only that, it will also feature an 18:9 aspect ratio. This would make it look a lot similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30, both of which feature screens that are taller instead of wider.

OnePlus 5T Release Date

The OnePlus 5T is rumored to launch in Nov. 16, according to a leaked image from GizChina. This makes sense if one looks at the OnePlus 3 and 3T, which launched in June and November 2016, respectively.

Hopefully, the OnePlus 5 one doesn't collect data without users knowing, though.

Thoughts about the OnePlus 5T? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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