OnePlus 5: New Leaks Show Off The OnePlus 5

Only a couple of days have passed since OnePlus announced the unveiling of the OnePlus 5 and now — thanks to a series of leaks — we're getting our first look at the new phone and it looks a lot like the iPhone 7.

A Familiar Look

The leaks in question come courtesy of Android Police and show off a design that is very similar to Apple's most recent iPhone. Featuring a dual-camera, LED flash and antenna bands, the phone does bear a resemblance to the iPhone 7.

The social media response to the leaked images has not been positive. Many users voiced their frustration with OnePlus apparently copying Apple's design. That being said, OnePlus recently release a new image of the OnePlus 5 that does show off a slightly different design.

OnePlus 5 Features

Despite the familiar design, the OnePlus 5 still has a lot going for it that should help differentiate it from Apple in the minds of consumers. For starters, it will be very powerful. OnePlus has revealed that the phone will make use of the SnapDragon 835 chip and — according to rumors — will feature 8GB of RAM. For sake of comparison, the Galaxy S8 only features 4GB of RAM, which means the OnePlus 5 should be faster than the competition.

On the topic of that dual-lense camera, it may look similar to Apple's, but it will be more powerful. OnePlus has partnered with DxO in order to improve OnePlus's camera and make it the best on the market. For a lot of the users, especially those who are active on social media, a smartphone's camera is one of the most important features so OnePlus' investment may pay off in the long run.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the OnePlus 5 will be its price. OnePlus smartphones are usually just as powerful as the competition, but much cheaper. If the price is right, then it's likely that many people will be willing to overlook their issues with the design. After all, the leaked design isn't an ugly one — it's simply uncreative.

We should know more at OnePlus' official launch event later this month.

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