Mother Purchases Nintendo Switch On Amazon, Got A Box Of Detergent Instead

6 December 2017, 7:21 pm EST By Aaron Mamiit Tech Times
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A mother from the United Kingdom purchased a Nintendo Switch from Amazon during Cyber Monday 2017, but the package that arrived contained a box of detergent instead.

The Nintendo Switch, launched in March, remains one of the most popular shopping items and is seen as a great gift for the holidays. This mother thought the same thing, but unfortunately, her Cyber Monday purchase on Amazon turned out to be a nightmare.

Nintendo Switch From Amazon Replaced With Detergent

Charlotte Moore, a 30-year-old pediatric nurse from Dudley, West Midlands, purchased the Nintendo Switch from Amazon during the Cyber Monday sale for £300. There were no promotions for the hybrid console during the shopping holiday, but buying the Nintendo Switch in early December ensures that it will be ready as a holiday gift for her two children.

Once the package arrived, Moore did not suspect that anything was wrong because the weight of the box felt right to her. However, answering the urge to check the contents, Moore was shocked to find that instead of the Nintendo Switch, the package contained a box of Daz washing powder.

"It's really put a dampner on our Christmas and it's the one thing my son really wanted - he didn't ask for anything else and really has his heart set on it," Moore said in an interview, adding that she originally decided to keep the box unopened so that her children will not peep into its contents. Fortunately she did, saving her the horror of giving her son and daughter detergent on Christmas morning.

What Happened To The Nintendo Switch?

The evening that the package arrived, Moore was able to get in touch with Amazon regarding the missing Nintendo Switch. Did Amazon send the wrong item to her address?

A customer service representative, however, helped her get to the bottom of what happened. Moore was asked to check if the packaging was tampered. The mother initially said no, but after a thorough check, she discovered that the black Amazon tape was sliced open and the box carefully resealed with transparent tape.

Amazon said that it will investigate the matter, but then said that the Nintendo Switch was out of stock so they will not be able to send a replacement. Moore was hopeful that she will get her money back at least, but it might be difficult to find stocks of the Nintendo Switch anywhere so that she can still give the hybrid console as a gift to her children.

An Amazon spokesperson, however, later said that the company has apologized for the incident, and more importantly, that it has replaced the missing Nintendo Switch.

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