ARMS Free Version 5.0 Update Comes With Dr. Coyle


Ever since its release back in June, Nintendo continues to follow through its promise of support for ARMS as the game receives update version 5.0 with Dr. Coyle included.

At the start of the year, Nintendo officially revealed the Nintendo Switch to the public. The fighting game was one of the games showcased during their highlight reel. The publisher established that they intend to turn the game into a first-party franchise.

Moreover, the company promised that the base game will continue to receive updates throughout the year. These patches will reportedly include new characters and balance adjustments from time to time.

More Fighters Join The Ring

Less than a month after ARMS was launched, the game received its first update that included a new stage, gameplay fixes, game modes, and Max Brass. More characters and stages were subsequently added along with the succeeding patches.

The Doctor Is In

Patch version 5.0 introduces yet another new fighter to the roster. Dr. Coyle joins the cast, which bumps up the total number of characters to 15. Nintendo even included a new stage and three new ARMS called Brrchuk, Parabola, and Lokjaw.

Her special skill gives her a brief moment of invisibility right after she guards an attack. Charging her attacks will spawn an extra arm executes an additional attack after the first two.

New Tools

Version 5.0 gives players three new options to deal damage. The Brrchuk, as its name implies, looks like a pair of nunchucks that freeze the opponent when it hits. The Lokjaw is an attachment that shoots fireballs at the enemy. Lastly, the Parabola seems like a metallic umbrella that shocks the other player with electricity and can presumably deflect attacks as well.

Character Backstory

Nintendo shares that Dr. Coyle is not necessarily evil. In fact, she is ARMS laboratories' director and described as a genius. She also has a habit of performing experiments on herself to become a more powerful fighter.

Her fascination with the technology was already there during her childhood, which prompted her to dedicate her time to research. Some of her creations include Hedlock, Helix, and her ability to levitate for mobility.

Gameplay Enhancements

Nintendo also included some changes to the game balance and other elements. Statistics from a previous Party Crash matches can be viewed under the Stats option. A glitch affecting online play that shifts the healing area from the HP Juice item is now fixed. The complete list of changes can be viewed on the game's official website.

Dr. Coyle and other updates are included in the free version 5.0 update for ARMS. Players can update their copies from the Home Menu on their Nintendo Switch via the Software Update option from the game icon.

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