New Mod Allows 'Super Mario 64' To Be Played In First Person

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Super Mario 64 is the game that took Mario from the flat 2D world to 3D. It is a game that revolutionized gaming, and gave gamers a taste of what an open world game could be for the time.

The game was made to have a third-person camera at all times. Now, a hacker has taken away that advantage in a mod for the game.

Super Mario 64 In First Person

One of the main abilities in Super Mario 64 is the ability to change the camera angle with its use of the third- person angle. In previous Mario games, players were only given one angle to work with. Now that a 3D world was constructed, Nintendo allowed gamers to pan around to see the world around Mario.

A new ROM hack called "First Person Mario 64" by Kaze Emanuar takes the third-person view in the game and fixes the camera above Mario's head to create a first-person view in-game.  

"This hack tries to follow Mario's head's movement as closely as possible," said Emanuar in the video released detailing the project. "With how elaborate Mario's animations are, this results in a challenging romhack."

Using this angle, the game can now be played in a dizzying manner. Seeing the game from this angle, all of the polygons almost seem distorted giving it a stomach-churning feeling. Adjusting to the new view in the game is difficult.

Nothing is missing from the game, players will still be able to perform all the same jumps, back flips, and diving slides. One of the issues with playing the game this way is the way it renders. When Mario gets too close, parts of the world disappear from view.

More Hacks

This isn't Emanuar's first attempt at making a Super Mario 64 hack. Emanuar previously made hacks to the game that allowed Mario to use a portal gun and another one that featured an online multiplayer.

The online multiplayer hack "SM64 Online" allowed up to 24 players to play through the levels in Super Mario 64. Nintendo quickly countered with multiple copyright strikes against Emanuar. Videos of the hack were removed from Emanuar's YouTube channel. Videos of the hack had received more than a million views before they were taken down.

One of the more impressive hacks of Super Mario 64 saw Emanuar incorporate features from the recent Super Mario Odyssey. This includes being able to take control of enemies in the game.

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