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Black Astronaut Jeanette Epps Hasn't Been Given Reason For Removal From International Space Station Mission

NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps still hasn't been given the reason for the cancellation of her historic mission to the International Space Station. Epps was going to be the first long-term black crew member aboard the ISS.

Space June 25, 2018

Albert Einstein's General Relativity Proven By Scientists By Studying A Distant Galaxy

Scientists have proven Einstein's theory of general relativity by observing a distant galaxy. This is the first time that general relativity has been proven on an astronomical scale.

Space June 21, 2018

MIcrosoft And Nintendo Team-Up To Promote Minecraft Cross-Play Which Quietly Jabs At Sony

Sony was in the news for nixing cross-play on 'Fornite' recently, so Microsoft and Nintendo made a commercial highlighting that they're open to it. Both companies showed the ability to cross-play in 'Minecraft' in the new commercial.

Video Games June 21, 2018

Man Wins Lawsuit For $18.4 Million Where Doctors Failed To Test Him For HIV

A man who contracted HIV and then AIDS, as a result, won an $18.4 million lawsuit. Doctors canceled an HIV test that would've showed he had the disease.

Medicine June 21, 2018

Instagram Is Launching IGTV App For Creators: Videos Can Now Be Up To 60 Minutes

Instagram will be launching a new hub for video creators called IGTV. Videos in this new hub will be up to 60 minutes long.

Apps/Software June 20, 2018

AMC Theatres Taking On MoviePass With $20 Subscription Service

The largest theater chain that has been against MoviePass since the beginning will now be starting its own subscription service. It will be priced at $20 compared with MoviePass's $9.99.

Movies/TV Shows June 20, 2018

Visual Artist Creates Video Simulating A Flyby On Mars Using Real Data

A visual artist used data captured with a camera on Mars then turned it into a video. The video shows what it would be like to fly over the Martian surface.

Space June 18, 2018

New Feature In iOS 12 Will Share Location With 911 Immediately During Call

Apple's upcoming iOS 12 for the iPhone will have a new feature for emergency situations. iPhones will now share the location of the user automatically when they call 911.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 18, 2018

Judge Says That Google Translate Can't Be Used To Authorize Police Search

A U.S. court says that police can't use Google Translate as a means for obtaining consent for a search. A judge said that he was protected by the Fourth Amendment and that Google Translate changed the meaning of the cops' question.

Google June 15, 2018

NIH Shuts Down Controversial Study About The Benefits Of Moderate Drinking

The National Institutes of Health have shut down a controversial study that was going to tout the benefits of moderate drinking. Funding of the study was going to come from companies in the alcoholic beverage industry.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 15, 2018

Chinese People Online Defend Einstein's Racist Observations During The 1920s

Einstein's personal journals were found to contain racist attitudes during his travels. He criticized China while he was traveling there in the 1920s, now some Chinese people are defending his portrayal.

Space June 15, 2018

Hospital Tests 186 Patients For HIV After Nurse Reused Syringes

A nurse at a Cherokee Nation hospital reused syringes causing 186 patients to be tested for HIV. The nurse violated hospital protocols by reusing the same syringe on multiple patients.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 15, 2018

Baby Born After Mother Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Suffers Brain Injury

A baby girl born prematurely due to her mother's cancer diagnosis is struggling for life after being rushed to the hospital. She suffered a brain injury after coding six times.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 13, 2018

Psychedelics Such As LSD And Mushrooms Could Help Heal Damaged Brain Cells

A new study has revealed that psychedelic drugs such as LSD and DMT may help heal damaged brain cells. The study hasn't been done on humans only rats and flies so far.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 12, 2018

Scientists Find First Relic Galaxy Which Has Been Unchanged Since The Universe Formed

Scientists have found the first relic galaxy that has gone unchanged since the formation of the universe. This helps scientists figure out what the universe was like during those early years.

Space June 12, 2018

Data Science Shows That The Best 'Mario Kart 8' Character Is Wario

A data scientist was able to show that Wario is the best character in Mario Kart 8. He was also able to figure out the best combination for a vehicle in the game.

Video Games June 12, 2018

Bungie Confirms Cayde-6 Died In The Story Trailer For Destiny 2's Forsaken Expansion

Bungie confirmed that it killed off one of its beloved characters in the story trailer for Destiny 2's new expansion, 'Forsaken.' The developers say that they're trying to make a darker story.

Video Games June 12, 2018

UA Student Paralyzed During Trip To Spain Must Now Raise $50,000 For Flight Home

A student from Arizona was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease while traveling in Spain. She became stuck in the country and now has to take a special medical flight to get back home.

Medicine June 12, 2018

Baby Who Underwent Pioneering Face Surgery Survives To 1st Birthday

A baby boy who underwent a pioneering facial surgery in order to survive was able to make to its first birthday. He wouldn't have been able to survive if he would've swallowed his own saliva.

Medicine June 11, 2018

Nothern Fur Seals Can Go 2 Weeks Without REM Sleep With No Visible Hardship

Northern fur seals are able to go through weeks of no REM sleep without suffering visible hardship afterward. This goes against previous studies that showed that many mammals couldn't more than a week without REM sleep.

Animals June 7, 2018

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