Monster Hunter: World PC Release Date Planned For Fall 2018

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Capcom’s highly-anticipated game Monster Hunter: World is only weeks away from release on the console and the gaming company wants fans to know that the PC version isn’t that far behind.

Monster Hunter: World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto took to social media to reveal some updates about the game's release. He started the Twitter video wishing the fans a Happy New Year then jumped into the game, giving some background into the title's debut at expo events such as E3 2017, Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show. He went on to thank all the players who participated in the open beta, then gave some details about the release date.

“As for the PC version, we’re working hard on it right now and aiming for an autumn 2018 release,” Tsujimoto said in the brief video. This will mark the first time Capcom has released any details on the PC version of Monster Hunter: World.

Meanwhile, he also mentioned that a free update to the title, which will include new monsters and possibly new characters, is planned following the release of Monster Hunter: World on the console.

Check out the brief Twitter video below:

What Is Monster Hunter: World?

Monster Hunter: World is an upcoming action-adventure game that made its debut at E3 2017. While it was revealed at the Sony E3 press conference the title will not be a PlayStation exclusive and will launch on the Xbox One and PC.

Monster Hunter: World is an open-world, action and adventure game and like previous iterations, the player takes the role of a Hunter. The players are tasked with hunting down and either killing or capturing a large monster that roams outside the central base to study them.

The title will feature much larger maps, seamless transitions between zones in the map. It will also feature a four-player online co-op mode, which will also allow players worldwide to play together, a first in the series.

Additionally, in the full version of Monster Hunter: World, PS4 players will be able to play as the lead character Aloy from the 2017 title Horizon Zero Dawn.

Monster Hunter: World is set to release worldwide on Jan. 26 for PS4 and Xbox One. The game will only be available for PS4 in Japan.

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