E3 2017: What Games Could Be MIA At This Year's Trade Show?

While plenty of big titles show up at E3, there are always a few that end up being no-shows. With that in mind, here are a few games that will or could skip E3 2017.

Red Dead Redemption 2

This would be here even if Rockstar hadn't delayed the game into 2018. The reason being Rockstar itself. While there have been glimpses of games such as Grand Theft Auto in the Microsoft or Sony press conferences, Rockstar has a long history of skipping the show entirely, not that it affects game sales. As evidenced by the last two Grand Theft Auto games and the first Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar always sees strong sales and critical acclaim for its titles. This sort of consistency is what allows Rockstar to skip the show so regularly. Doesn't mean there won't be a trailer for the open-world Western, but don't expect much more than that.

Death Stranding

Another person that has earned the right to outright skip E3 is Hideo Kojima. The creator of the Metal Gear series has been hard at work on his first title since the toxic split from Konami. The PlayStation 4 exclusive, Death Stranding, is Kojima's latest project and looks as unique and strange as any of his previous games. But while there have been a couple of trailers already for it, it's within reason to suspect that the game won't make an appearance at E3 2017. Kojima is infamous for long development periods on his games, and with no target window for Death Stranding, there may not even be a new trailer.

Beyond Good And Evil 2

This is a game that fans have been begging for since the 2003 original. Ubisoft has promised repeatedly that the game is in development, but the only mention of it was a trailer from 2008. Other than that, nothing has ever been shown. As time goes on, it looks more and more likely that the game is simply dead, and no one at Ubisoft wants to admit it. That said, a close of show surprise demo could be the moment of the show if Ubisoft wants to win the week.

Halo 6

This is something that could go either way. As of right now, Microsoft is running low on exclusive titles, which couldn't come at a worse time with the Scorpio on the horizon. The Halo series is easily the cornerstone of Microsoft's exclusives, and it's entirely possible that something is in the works for Xbox One and Project Scorpio. However, Halo Wars 2 released earlier this year, and there hasn't been any word about the next entry in the main series from 343 Industries. Now it's entirely possible that a trailer could appear to tease what's coming for the series, but don't be surprised if this E3 is light on Halo.

Kingdom Hearts III/Final Fantasy VII Remake

Instead of wasting time on both individually, let's just put the two together since both are Square Enix games. Kingdom Hearts III and the Final Fantasy VII Remake are two of the most sought-after titles Square Enix fans have been waiting for. After years of teases, both were announced over the last few years and have offered random glimpses of what's in store for the games. But given Square Enix's history at E3 and how far out it has indicated both games may be, don't expect to see either at the show. But Final Fantasy XV finally released last year, so hoping is not out of place either.

Those are just a few of the games that could end up missing at E3 2017, but there are others that could skip out as well. Now, it's okay to hope that a couple of these appear, which could happen. Just don't be disappointed if the one you're looking for doesn't show.

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