CES 2018 Preview: What To Expect From The Electronics Show

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The Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2018 is taking place a little more than a week after we welcome the new year. As always, the show is set to take place in Las Vegas once again. Press events began on Jan. 7 and Jan. 8, but the full show takes place on Jan. 9 through Jan. 12. It is one of the biggest tech shows of the year and a ridiculuous amount of gadgets will be previewed at the show. 

New trends and new ideas in technology are going to be introduced in the show. Several big announcements have already taken place prior to the show but most of these devices and ideas will be in full show at CES. While many of the tech giants will have their own shows through the rest of the year, don't expect them not to have something to show off at CES 2018. Rumors are running rampant but expectation should be tempered due to each company's own shows. 

One of the large companies that can be expected at CES is Google. It will have a large booth this year and is expected to make a splash. It's pushing its digital assistant, Google Assistant, for more connectivity. A large trend in this year's show will be the interconnectivty of home devices. Internet-of-things will be making a bigger push at the show. And more devices will be connected with digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa. 

Technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality may see a dip in intererest but will still have a presence at CES. Tech giants will be previewing a glut of new laptops, phones, tvs, and automotive advances. 

Here's what to expect from the tech giants at this year's show. 

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