Amazon Slashes Fire TV Prices: $30 For Streaming Stick And $50 If You Want Go 4K

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Amazon just cut the price of its popular streaming sticks in an effort to lure more customers to Prime Video. The entry-level stick now only costs $30, while those who want 4K will have to spend a bit more.  ( Andrew Burton | Getty Images )

Amazon is making its streaming devices more accessible to customers, especially those who might be planning on subscribing to Prime Video.

Two of the most popular Fire TV models, have received hefty discounts, with the cheapest Fire TV Stick option now only at $30, usually at $40. Meanwhile, for those who have the luxury of a 4K display and high-speed internet, they can go for the Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD, usually $70 but now just $50.

Fire TV Stick vs Fire TV 4K: Which One Should You Get?

The Fire TV Stick is a perfect entry-level streaming option for those who don't really find 4K that necessary. It even comes with an Alexa Voice Remote, which enables users to request shows and other content via voice commands. The 4K version, it's worth noting, also comes with the remote.

For those who are willing to spend more toward the 4K option, the Fire TV 4K does have slight improvements over the non-4K streaming stick. Obviously, only the former supports Ultra HD resolution, plus better colors and improved dynamic range. Dolby Atmos is also enabled, although that requires the right kind of audio setup to fully take advantage of.

It's got a 1.5 GHz processor inside, which according to Amazon makes it 40 percent more powerful than the entry-level streaming stick. Of course, that means the 4K stick might offer a smoother experience, in addition to apps that might not run on the streaming stick. Choosing between the two shouldn't be a tough choice to make, however. Just remember that the Fire TV 4K is pretty much useless if you don't have a 4K TV or high-speed internet to actually be able to stream 4K video.

Amazon is mum on when these promotions will last, as always. But at the time of writing, they're still available. Head on over to Amazon's Fire TV Stick and Fire TV 4K product listings to take advantage of the discounts. The company says they'll be valid for a "limited time."

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is Amazon's proprietary on-demand video streaming service. Its original series lineup has gotten pretty fantastic over the years, with hits such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Mozart in the Jungle, One Mississippi, and the list goes on. Rumors say Amazon is trying to create the next great TV series akin to HBO's Game of Thrones, which is why it's no surprise why it greenlit the Culture series from celebrated sci-fi author Iain M. Banks.

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