Amazon Gives Away $100-Worth Of Paid Apps On Android App Store's 4th Birthday


What better way is there to celebrate your birthday than by being the gift giver? At least that's the obvious view of Amazon and how it's enjoying the fourth birthday of its Android app store.

To mark the milestone the mega e-tailer is offering up 34 free Android apps from Friday, March 20, to Saturday, March 21.

Amazon has made sure that the free software list provides something for everyone, from the kid in all of us to the dedicated employee striving to improve productivity and time management.

The apps, valued at $105 in freebies, feature both paid apps and games. The freebie list boasts one of the Amazon Android app store's most popular games, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, which typically sells for $2.99.

All the free apps will work on Android devices as well as Kindle Fire devices.

That's just the start. For those wishing to be more productive in their lives, the $9.99 app EasyTether is also for the taking. The software tool connects the Android smartphone with a PC. There's the NeoCal Advanced Calculator, which usually also sells for that price point. It provides sophisticated financial, scientific, statistical and conversion functions. To round out the toolbox, grab the HanDBase database manager, which also usually sells for about $10.

Those apps are only just a few good reasons to take time to grab the free birthday app package. Who doesn't want Word of Goo or Bank Escape Pro or the Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon?

When Amazon opened the Android app store four years ago this month, there were just over 4,000 software titles to choose from. Now, there are a whopping 400,000 choices.

To get the free app bundle, Android users need to download the Amazon App store for Android apps then install the free apps.

Here is a short list of the paid Android apps:

    Cut the Rope


    Alphabet Aquarium Vol 1: Animated Puzzle Games with Letters and Animals

    Kingdom Rush Origins


    The Hidden World

    Atomus HD


    Elements of Photography Pro

    Servers Ultimate Pro


    Repix - Full Version

    Monkey Preschool Explorers

    Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

    Bank Escape Pro

    Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer

    Business Calendar

    Amelia and Terror of the Night - Story Book for Kids

    Chimpact 2 Family Tree

    Adventure Beyond Time

    Reading Trainer

    G-Stomper Studio

    OpenDocument Reader

    Pumped BMX 2


    Slingshot Racing

    Cross DJ Pro

    Deep Under the Sky

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