New NASA Images Gallery Collects Over 130,000 Space Photos For Easier Browsing

NASA has generally been pretty good about making its vast collection of images readily available online, but a new gallery launched last week has now made it even easier to browse those images and turn up some rarities you might have otherwise missed.

Built by imaging software company Luna Imaging, the new gallery collects over 130,000 images spread across dozens of separate collections into one searchable database that can be browsed using any number of parameters (people, places, years, etc.).

As with everything from NASA, the images are all free for personal or educational use, although you'll still need to go to the source if you want the highest-resolution version available; all of the images in the Luna Imaging database top out at "medium" resolution (or 1536 pixels wide). Naturally, you can also order prints of any of the images, with a variety of different options available. 

As Motherboard notes, Luna Imaging did something similar with NASA's images in collaboration with the the Internet Archive back in 2007, but this is the first time its managing a collection on its own, and its also given the backend an upgrade since then.

You can start browsing for yourself right here.

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