This Real-Time Stats Counter Tells You How Many Windows Users Have Windows 10


It's been less than a month since Windows 10 was released globally, and the new OS from Microsoft has so far received mostly positive feedback from worldwide adopters.

Latest numbers reveal that Windows 10 has been installed over 53 million times. StatsCounter claim that in the week of Aug. 10, the new operating system accounted for 4.95 percent of the market. 

Microsoft, for its part, stated that within the first 24 hours of launching, it has seen 14 million users upgrading and installing the new OS. The company hasn't released any official numbers following the announcement, but other companies focused on delivering tracking stats are saying the numbers have reached between 50 and 67 million.

GoSquared, a data analysis company based in the U.K., revealed that Windows 10 users now makes up 10 percent of the total Windows traffic it is tracking across its thousands of customer sites. The company managed to put together a unique tool designed to display the global adoption of Windows 10 in real time in terms of Windows traffic.

While the exact number of installations can be difficult to pinpoint, GoSquared explained that its manner of analysis would usually depend on the sources for its data, which now reach tens of thousands in number. The company did however say that it aggregates the gathered data in order to give the most accurate picture.

Web analytics firm NetMarketshare released data that specifically compared the market share between Windows and OS X. According to the company, Windows 8.1 earned 13.09 percent of the market toward the end of July, while OS X 10.10 earned 4.74 percent. This means it is highly likely that the number of Windows 10 installations surpassed those of the most recent OS installations from Apple.     

Microsoft is yet to announce the next milestone in Windows 10 adoption. It seems like the company's scheme of giving it away as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and 8.1 users is paying off. Microsoft seriously wants the OS to be a success story, attracting more developers to build apps for their store.

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