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Epic Tesla P100D vs Faraday Future FF 91 Battle To Take Place At Pikes Peak

Faraday Future announced that it is also participating in the Exhibition Class division of the Pikes Peak race where it will fight the Tesla Model S P100D. The race is an open category usually reserved for non-traditional vehicles.

Car Tech February 28, 2017

After Test Drive, Man Decides To Steal $150,000 Maserati GranTurismo

A customer was arrested by the Florida PD after allegedly taking off with a Maserati GranTurismo during a test drive. It is not yet clear if the vehicle has been recovered.

Car Tech February 27, 2017

Elon Musk Has A Plan To Eliminate Car Insurance, Maintenance Bills

Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla is mulling the expansion of a scheme that will eliminate recurring car insurance and maintenance bills. The custom insurance will match the insurance cost to the Autopilot development.

Car Tech February 26, 2017

Elon Musk Completes Investigation Of Poor Factory Condition Claims, Here's What He Says About These Allegations

An email from Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggests that his investigation into the allegations of poor working conditions by Jose Moran is complete. Musk stated that the investigation proves that the accusations are false and baseless.

Car Tech February 25, 2017

Elon Musk Gives A Preview Of Tesla Model 3: Production Still On Track

The Tesla Model 3 is back on track after many production delays. Elon Musk makes the wait more bearable by showing off some design sketches of the newest EV.

Car Tech February 25, 2017

Tesla Supercharger Locations In North America Will Double In 2017

Tesla has decided to increase the number of supercharger stations for its electrical vehicles in North America in 2017. Currently, Tesla has 2,636 supercharger stations across the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Car Tech February 23, 2017

College Student Transforms Honda Civic Into Self-Driving Car For $700 With Help From

Brevan Jorgenson, a senior college student, was able to transform his Honda Civic into a self-driving car for only $700. He received assistance from, a startup that open sourced code for a self-driving car kit.

Car Tech February 23, 2017

Here's Why The BMW i5 Could Be The Tesla Model 3 Killer

BMW recently showed off renders of the upcoming BMW i5 fully electric vehicle, which will hit showrooms in 2021. Observers believe that its striking good looks could give the Tesla Model 3 a run for its money.

Car Tech February 23, 2017

Google’s Waze Carpool Plans To Expand: Watch Out, Lyft And Uber

Google-owned Waze has now revealed plans to expand to other cities and countries, potentially challenging carpooling services offered by Uber and Lyft. It’s not as it easy as it sounds, however.

Car Tech February 23, 2017

Tesla To Start Model 3 Production By July, Plans To Open 3 More Gigafactories

Tesla released its results for the fourth quarter and full-year 2016, beating analyst expectations. The focus, however, is on the company's revealed plans for up to three more Gigafactories and Model 3 production starting in July.

Car Tech February 22, 2017

FCA Recalls 69,000 Dodge, Chrysler Sedans Due To Loose Bolts

Nearly 70,000 Dodge Charger and Chrysler all-wheel drive sedans are subject to a voluntary recall announced by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It involves loose bolts that could expose passengers to the risk of a car crash.

Car Tech February 22, 2017

Uber Self-Driving Cars Now Picking Up Passengers In Arizona After Being Kicked Out Of California

Uber has relaunched its self-driving vehicle program in the streets of Tempe in Arizona. The program was originally rolled out in San Francisco, but the Department of Motor Vehicles of California kicked Uber out.

Car Tech February 22, 2017

Tesla Batteries Get 35 Percent Cheaper At $124/kWh Thanks To Model 3 EV, Gigafactory

Tesla appeared to have achieved a breakthrough in the production of its battery packs. Through its Gigafactory, it is able to take advantage of the economies of scale to drive down cost.

Car Tech February 22, 2017

World’s First Manned Electric Hoverbike Looks Fun (And Dangerous)

Watch the Scorpion-3 electric hoverbike in motion. It might not be as fast as your sci-fi speeder bikes, but it surely is a step closer to make sci-fi modes of transportation a reality.

Car Tech February 21, 2017

World's First Ever Self-Driving Car Race Ends In Disaster

Roborace, the first self-driving car race, was held last Feb. 18 at the Formula E Buenos Aires ePrix. One of the participating automated vehicles called Devbots crashed itself on a barrier.

Car Tech February 20, 2017

GM To Unleash Thousands Of Autonomous Bolts By 2018 To Crush Competition

General Motors is said to be rolling out thousands of automated Chevrolet Bolts early next year. If true, this mass deployment means it has vaulted past its competitors in terms of the level of technology developed.

Car Tech February 19, 2017

LOOK: The 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast Production Car Amazes Critics

Ferrari released photos and specifications ahead of the Ferrari 812 Superfast’s debut at the Geneva International Motor Show, and critics are already swooning over it.

Car Tech February 21, 2017

Faraday Future Promises To Jumpstart Construction Of Nevada Plant Amid Financial Turmoil

Faraday Future will push through with its factory in Nevada. The company says construction has entered a competitive bidding process.

Car Tech February 19, 2017

Lightning Motorcycles Will Hit The Road With All-Electric Motorcycle With 500-Mile Range

Lightning Motorcycles aims to extend the range of its all-electric motorcycle in an attempt to become the Tesla of the two-wheeled electric vehicle world -- and it is entirely possible.

Car Tech February 19, 2017

LOOK: Tesla Driver Sacrifices Model S To Save Another Driver Having A Stroke

A Tesla vehicle owner in Germany risked thousands of euros worth of damage to his Model S to save another driver's life. Tesla CEO Elon Musk approves.

Car Tech February 17, 2017

Chevrolet Bolt EV Heading To LA For Its Ride-Hailing Debut With Maven

General Motors announced that Maven will now include the Chevrolet Bolt EV. The company revealed that it is introducing the Bolt in its ride-hailing service to reduce emission and traffic congestion.

Car Tech February 17, 2017

Tesla Self Driving Taxis Will Be On Dubai Roads By 2020

Dubai's RTA will test out self-driving cars which have been bought from Tesla. These cars will be the first self-driving taxis in the country, which will hit Dubai roads by 2020.

Car Tech February 17, 2017

The First Commercial Flying Car Goes Up For Preorder: Do You Have $399,000 To Spare?

PAL-V has opened preorders for the Liberty, which will be the first commercially available flying car. The Liberty will have a Sport base model for $399,000 and a Pioneer premium model for $599,000.

Car Tech February 15, 2017

Passenger Drones To Fly Over Dubai Skies Very Soon But Will It Reach The US?

The EHang 184 passenger drone will soon grace the Dubai skyline. The human-sized quadcopter capable of ferrying a single passenger could fly over Dubai skies by July but will it also reach America?

Car Tech February 14, 2017

Elon Musk Predicts Driverless Cars To Be The Norm In 10 Years

Elon Musk believes that in 10 years, every car from automaker will be built with full autonomous driving capabilities. The effect of such a change, however, will take time.

Car Tech February 14, 2017

Personal Flying Vehicles To Soar Across Dubai In July: Here's The Passenger Drone In Action

Dubai has revealed that it's testing EHang 184 drones that can carry a passenger from one point to another. Here's what we've learned (and don't forget to prevent your jaw from dropping).

Car Tech February 14, 2017

Mercedez-Benz Unveils Maybach G650, Most Luxurious G-Class Ever

Mercedes-Benz has touted the Mercedes‑Maybach G650 Landaulet as a G-Class like never before. It purportedly showcases an automotive engineering masterpiece that will only be available to 99 buyers.

Car Tech February 14, 2017

California Grows List Of Allowed Self-Driving Car Testers To 22 With The Addition Of Subaru

The California Department of Motor Vehicles added Subaru to the list of automobile manufacturers and tech companies that are allowed to test self-driving cars in the state. What kind of self-driving technology is the Japanese carmaker thinking of testing?

Car Tech February 12, 2017

Dodge Charger Pursuit Police Cruiser Gets A RoboCop Upgrade

The 2017 Dodge Charger Pursuit just got an upgrade that can protect police officers from ambush. It taps the vehicle's parking assist technology to detect and respond to threats.

Car Tech February 11, 2017

Ford Invests $1 Billion In Artificial Intelligence Startup Argo AI And Here’s Why

Ford drops big dollars in artificial intelligence startup founded by Google and Uber veterans. Here’s what it is trying to accomplish as it becomes majority stakeholder of Argo AI.

Car Tech February 11, 2017

Elon Musk Says Call For Tesla's Unionization Is Morally Outrageous

Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk pushed back on an employee's demand to unionize Tesla. In a statement, he maintained that the call is morally outrageous, attacking UAW as the party behind it all.

Car Tech February 10, 2017

Tesla Owners Can Now Check For Empty Supercharger Stations In Real Time

An update from Tesla enables vehicle owners to check the occupancy of a Supercharger station. The availability of a charging stall can be checked via the navigation map app in the car in real time.

Car Tech February 10, 2017

Tesla Model 3 Pilot Production Will Start In February

Tesla is gearing up for its Model 3 production by Feb. 20. While drawing in more investors, the company plans to produce 500,000 vehicles annually by 2018.

Car Tech February 9, 2017

Tesla Model 3 Won't Get 100 kWh Battery, Elon Musk Reveals

Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla Model 3 won’t be coming with a 100 kWh battery. This decision was taken as the wheelbase of the upcoming car would not be able fit a battery that size.

Car Tech February 8, 2017

Tesla Model S Shatters Acceleration Record After 'Spaceballs'-Inspired Update

In a Motor Trend test, the Tesla Model S P100D clocked an insane 2.28 seconds to reach 60 mph acceleration speed. No other production car has breached the 2.3-second mark.

Car Tech February 7, 2017

Uber To Tap NASA Expert For Rapid Aircraft Or Flying Car

Uber has roped in NASA expert Mark Moore, who authored a white paper on short ride aircraft VTOL in 2010. Moore is leaving NASA to take up the job with the flying car project named as Uber Elevate.

Car Tech February 8, 2017

2018 Dodge Durango SRT Would Be The Fastest, Most Powerful Three-Row SUV In US, Claims FCA

FCA has revealed that the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT would have the most powerful engine ever seen in a SUV. The company would be showcase the car in the upcoming Chicago Auto Show.

Car Tech February 7, 2017

Fiat Planning To Add 380 Stores Nationwide, Existing Dealers Not Happy With The Move

Fiat intends to add 380 dealerships to its existing 2500 stores in the U.S. Existing dealers are unhappy with the decision and in some states, have even filed complaints against the company.

Car Tech February 6, 2017

Lithuania Wants Tesla So Bad It Built A Virtual Factory Inside 'Minecraft'

To get ahead of other European countries vying for the second Tesla gigafactory, Lithuania has built a massive replica inside 'Minecraft.' The private initiative has already captured a number of Tesla employees who raved about it on Twitter.

Car Tech February 6, 2017

Audi Issues Recall Order For 576,000 Vehicles Due To Risk OF Engine Fire, Airbag Ruptures

Audi has issued a recall order involving 576,000 vehicles for two reasons. The first reason is a fire hazard in the engine, and the second reason is the risk of ruptured airbags that can injure passengers.

Car Tech February 5, 2017

More Bad News For Faraday Future: Company Scales Back EV Production, Downsizes Factory

Faraday Future has downsized its EV portfolio to two models, and will also downsize its planned factory in Nevada. The company has been saddled with financial problems recently.

Car Tech February 5, 2017

Tesla Model 3: Customers Cancel Orders, Elon Musk's Association With Trump To Blame?

Customers have canceled their reservations for the Model 3 sedan from Tesla Motors, allegedly due to Elon Musk's association with President Trump.

Car Tech February 2, 2017

Google Waymo Performing Better Than Other Self-Driving Cars, Says California DMV

Google Waymo's self-driving cars show a remarkable improvement, says a report from the California DMV. The company says that the number of its disengagements lessened last year.

Car Tech February 2, 2017

Nissan Takes A Detour Into Hybrid Territory With Note e-Power

Nissan has launched the Note e-Power, which will serve as a 'gateway' model for people who are looking into buying an electric car for themselves. The 'series hybrid' is currently available only in Japan.

Car Tech February 5, 2017

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