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Tesla Motors Files Lawsuit Against Michigan: It Really Wants To Sell Electric Cars In The State, But Not Through Dealers

Tesla Motors has filed a federal lawsuit against Michigan that claims to declare the 'anti-Tesla' law of 2014 as unconstitutional. If the company succeeds, there will be a significant impact not just in the state but across the United States.

Car Tech September 23, 2016

Norwegian Drivers File Lawsuit Against Tesla Motors: Apparently 'Insane Mode' Isn't Fast Enough For Them

Owners of Tesla Motors electric vehicles in Norway have filed a lawsuit against the company. According to the drivers, the Insane Mode of the Model S P85D is not fast enough.

Car Tech September 23, 2016

This Is How Apple And McLaren Would Change The Auto Industry (If Apple Acquires The Supercar Maker)

Imagine driving in a state-of-the-art Apple-McLaren car while talking to Siri and sipping on a cup of coffee. Apple was reportedly interested in acquiring McLaren, but things must not have gone ahead as expected.

Car Tech September 22, 2016

Uber's Self-Driving Cars Hit The Roads Of San Francisco, But Is It Legal?

Uber confirmed testing its self-driving vehicles in San Francisco. The cars spotted by the public were similar to the Ford Fusion automated vehicles that the company used in the course of its pilot launch in Pittsburgh.

Car Tech September 22, 2016

Tesla Autopilot: Software Update 8.0 For Model S And Model X Out Tonight

Tesla will roll out version 8.0 of its Autopilot software for Model S and Model X tonight. The new update unlocks the onboard radar and allows it to detect six times more objects and gather more information per object.

Car Tech September 21, 2016

US Now Requires Self-Driving Car Companies To Pass Safety Assessment Letter: Here Are The 15 Points In A Nutshell

Self-driving car companies are now required to submit a safety assessment letter to the NHTSA under the new guidelines of the United States. The safety assessment contains 15 points, and here they are in a nutshell.

Car Tech September 21, 2016

Tesla Patches Security Bugs After Hackers Demonstrate Wireless Attack Remotely Controlling A Moving Tesla Model S

Chinese security researchers recently demonstrated a remote hack of a Tesla Model S, accessing the car's control system and disrupting various actions. Tesla has now released an update to fix the software bugs that allowed the white-hat hackers to remotely control the car.

Car Tech September 21, 2016

US Sets Unprecedented Guidelines For Self-Driving Cars: Safety First [Video]

In an unprecedented, but long-overdue move, the U.S. Department of Transportation has outlined some safety guidelines for self-driving cars. The 116-page document aims to set the stage for the safe testing and deployment of driverless cars.

Car Tech September 20, 2016

Volkswagen Pulls Out Lamborghini, Bentley From Paris Motor Show

The Paris Auto Show is knocking at the doorstep, but supercars Bentley and Lamborghini will not honor the French capital with their presence. Volkswagen decided to cancel the presence of the luxury brands at the event, and for good reasons.

Car Tech September 21, 2016

Faraday Future Spotted Testing New Electric Car In The Mojave

Currently being put through its test phase, Faraday Future’s upcoming electric car has been popping up on the car enthusiast’s radar. Not surprisingly, this is resulted in increased focus on the vehicle.

Car Tech September 22, 2016

GM's New Chevrolet Bolt EV To Start At $29,995 After US Federal Tax Credit

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt all-electric vehicle, which is capable of 238-mile range, will come in two variants: the base model and the Premier version. They will be available later this year.

Car Tech September 20, 2016

US Gov't To Roll Out Self-Driving Car Guidelines: Companies Will Need To Meet 15-Point Safety Assessment Under New Policies

The Department of Transportation will publish the country's first federal guidelines for self-driving cars on its website on Sept. 20. The new policies will require companies to pass a 15-point safety assessment before their vehicles are unleashed on public roads.

Car Tech September 19, 2016

Audi Tech Chief To Be Suspended Over Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

The Volkswagen emissions scandal continues to claim executives’ heads in the group. The lead tech at Audi, Stefan Knirsch, was accused of knowingly lying under oath during hearings and was therefore suspended.

Car Tech September 19, 2016

Lyft To Have Mostly Autonomous Cars In 2021: Competition With Uber Heating Up

Lyft projects that its ride-hailing service will be dominated by self-driving car within five years. The plan addresses its intensifying competition with Uber as well as its drive to eliminate private car ownership by 2025.

Car Tech September 19, 2016

Takata Reportedly Plans Shortlist Of Bidders: Here Are The Suitors That Want The Air-Bag Maker

Takata is now looking for buyers that can see the company through its current problems. It is faced with replacing up to 70 million air-bag inflators from now until 2019 as well as stiff fines in the United States.

Car Tech September 19, 2016

2018 Jeep Wrangler To Feature Aluminum Hood, Doors According To Leaked Memo

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler will likely feature aluminum doors and hood, as revealed by a leaked internal bulletin. The SUV is expected to be launched in late 2017.

Car Tech September 17, 2016

Miami-Based Developer Offers To Build Luxury Condo For Cars For $350,000

A new luxury condo project for cars dubbed AutoHouse in the Overtown neighborhood of Miami is set to raise the bar. The luxury storage units for cars will start at $350,000 and could be the next big thing.

Car Tech September 18, 2016

GM Asks US Regulators For One-Year Delay On Takata Airbag Recall

General Motors wants the NHTSA to give it another year before recalling the Takata airbags from its vehicles. Until then, the carmaker will be internally testing the safety devices.

Car Tech September 17, 2016

Audi Unveils New Q3 SUV, Gives It A Makeover For 2017

The impending release of the upgraded Audi Q3 in the United States underscores Audi's aggressive expansion plans for the vehicle. The compact SUV range is reportedly gaining popularity since its first release in 2012.

Car Tech September 17, 2016

Tesla, Mobileye Continue To Quarrel Over The Real Reason Behind The Split Related To The Autopilot System

In the recent development to the Tesla-Mobileye row, the Israel-based vision technology manufacturer for autonomous vehicles explained why it claimed Tesla is pushing the envelope on safety. It also refuted several allegations made by the carmaker.

Car Tech September 16, 2016

Tesla Responds To Mobileye's Statements, Says Ex-Partner Didn't Break Ties Because Of Autopilot Safety Concerns

Tesla refutes Mobileye chairman's statement that its Autopilot system is not fit for driveless cars. The carmaker cites that the Israeli-based company is attacking the system after its contract was terminated for failing to keep pace with Tesla's technology.

Car Tech September 16, 2016

Uber Self-Driving Cars Hit Streets In Pittsburgh: Could This Be The End For Human-Driven Rides?

Uber launched its first self-driving cars in Pittsburgh this week. While the company sees a bright future in robot cars, its driver partners are growing concerned that they could soon lose their jobs to machines.

Car Tech September 15, 2016

Mercedes AMG GT Roadster Packs 469 Horsepower, Goes From 0 To 60 In Just 3.9 Seconds

The upcoming Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Roadsters will be announced during the Paris Motor Show in October. The new Mercedes convertibles will come in two versions, a base model and the AGT C Roadster variant.

Car Tech September 16, 2016

Tesla Motors 'Pushing The Envelope' On Safety, Mobileye Chairman Says: Autopilot Not Meant For Driverless System

Mobileye said in June that it will not be extending its partnership with Tesla Motors. In an interview with Reuters, Mobileye chairman and CTO Amnon Shashua revealed the reason for this decision.

Car Tech September 15, 2016

Tesla Autopilot Crash: Tesla Autopilot Problem To Blame In Fatal Accident In China?

The accident involving the Tesla Model S car in China has triggered fresh doubts on the safety of the car's Autopilot system. The driver's death adds to the other fatality involving the vehicle last May in the United States.

Car Tech September 15, 2016

You Can Now Hail A Self-Driving Uber In Pittsburgh

Uber announced that a fleet of self-driving cars will be tested in Pittsburgh starting this week. Users of the ridehailing app will be able to experience autonomous driving in top safety conditions.

Car Tech September 14, 2016

BMW, VW And ChargePoint Install About 100 EV Charging Stations Along Coastal Highways In The US

BMW and Volkswagen completed the installation of express charging stations for electric vehicles in two of the United States' main highways. Each facility is 50 miles away from shopping malls, restaurants and rest areas.

Car Tech September 14, 2016

Udacity To Launch Self-Driving Car Nanodegree Program: Partners Are Mercedes-Benz, Nvidia, Otto, Didi Chuxing

Udacity will soon offer a self-driving car nanodegree program for people who are looking to work in the burgeoning industry. Applications of the program are now being accepted, with the first class to start in the middle of October.

Car Tech September 14, 2016

Transform Your Normal Manual Driving Car Into A Self-Driving Car With Comma One

Comma One is new piece of technology that promises to allow normal cars to turn into self-driving cars. There's a catch, however. Only a handful of cars are supported right now, but more will come in the future if the tech takes off in a big way.

Car Tech September 14, 2016

Nvidia's New AI-Powered Drive PX 2 To Helm Baidu's Autonomous Cars

Nvidia launched its own AI teching car technology that could compete with the self-driving technologies of major players in the autnomous vehicle industry such as Google and Tesla. The Drive PX 2 will be used by at least 80 car manufacturers.

Car Tech September 13, 2016

Chevrolet Bolt EV Will Have 238-Mile Range, EPA Says: Your Move, Tesla

The EPA has rated the upcoming all-electric Chevrolet Bolt with a range of 238 miles, beating the expected 215-mile range of the Tesla Model 3. The Bolt will also be launched about a year earlier than the Model 3.

Car Tech September 13, 2016

Proterra's New Electric Bus Catalyst E2 Can Go 350 Miles On A Single Charge

Proterra unveils its new all-electric zero-emissions bus, the Catalyst E2. The freshly released electric bus has a nominal range of up to 350 miles and can run more than 600 miles on a single charge.

Car Tech September 13, 2016

Ford To Start Selling Affordable Autonomous Cars By 2025

Ford intends to sell affordable autonomous vehicles that the masses can buy for themselves by 2025. The Michigan-based car manufacturer is investing a lot of effort and resources to meet its projected timeframe.

Car Tech September 13, 2016

Fisker Launches 2017 Karma Revero Hybrid Sports Car

Electric car maker Fisker Karma has officially revealed the 2017 Karma Revero. Preorder for the luxury car hybrid will start later this month and it will sell for $130,000.

Car Tech September 12, 2016

Customers Can Test Drive The Latest Toyota Prius In VR Before Buying It

Toyota is debuting the new Prius Prime during Disrupt SF 16 and will actually allow people to test drive it, virtually, that is. 'Visual furturist' Syd Mead helped Toyota design a virtual world in which people can take the Prius Prime for a spin.

Car Tech September 13, 2016

Safety Experts Concerned Over Uber's Self-Driving Taxi Test In Pittsburgh: Tech Not Ready For The Streets

Uber is set to release its fleet of self-driving taxis into the streets of Pittsburgh. Will the testing program be a successful one, or will the concerns of safety experts prove to be true?

Car Tech September 12, 2016

Tesla Autopilot's Upcoming Shift To Radar Could Have Prevented Fatal Model S Accident, Elon Musk Says

Tesla Motors will soon release improvements to its controversial Autopilot self-driving technology. The most significant change is that the system will shift to using radar instead of cameras as its primary sensor.

Car Tech September 12, 2016

General Motors Recalls 4.3 Million Vehicles Due To Airbag Defect

General Motors identified a software problem in the latest recall of 4.3 million cars. It keeps the airbag from deploying during a type of crash preceded by what GM considers events that affect vehicle dynamics.

Car Tech September 11, 2016

As Self-Driving Cars Gain Ground, Volvo And Autoliv Join Forces To Develop Autonomous Driving Software

Volvo and Autoliv said that they are teaming up to create a venture focused on delivering autonomous drive and advanced driver assistance systems. A part of the workforce of the companies will be dislodged to create the new venture.

Car Tech September 6, 2016

TomTom Showcases VIO Satnav That Will Match Your Scooter

TomTom released its scooter satnav system called the TomTom Vio. The smartphone-connected satnav displays navigation details, traffic alerts, alternate routes, speed zone and speed camera warnings.

Car Tech September 5, 2016

Daimler Will Roll Out As Many As 9 Electric Car Models: Tesla, Audi On Its Sights

Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler is looking to launch at least six and at most nine models of electric cars. The first vehicle is expected to be on display at the Paris Motor Show.

Car Tech September 4, 2016

2016 Honda Civic Review Roundup: What The Experts Are Saying

The 2016 Honda Civic has impressive features that are liked by car lovers. Here is a review roundup of the new sedan from the Japanese carmaker.

Car Tech September 2, 2016

Tesla Model X Firmware Update Disables Door Safety Sensors

The Tesla Model X firmware update intended to fix issues with the Falcon Wing doors brings along more problems for car owners. Tests suggest that Tesla may have disabled the door safety sensors with the firmware update.

Car Tech September 3, 2016

Startup Will Use Deep Learning To Teach Self-Driving Cars How To Solve Problems And Communicate With Humans

Startup is looking to teach self-driving cars how to deal with on-road situations and communicate with humans using deep learning. According to co-founder Sameep Tandon, deep learning is the best enabling technology for driverless vehicles.

Car Tech August 31, 2016

Tesla Planning To Limit Auto Pilot Feature

Tesla Model S drivers will now find it more difficult than ever to ignore autopilot warnings. The company has taken this decisive action after a recent fatal crash, and another non-fatal crash soon after. Only time will tell if drivers take the necessary precaution.

Car Tech August 31, 2016

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