Intel shows Braswell processors, looks to expand Chromebook, tablet presence

Intel today showed several new processors and discussed increasing its presence in the Chromebook market at the Intel Developers Conference being held in China. Intel hopes to be included in five times as many Chromebooks this year and also in sub-$100 tablets.

Computers April 3, 2014

Intel announces next-generation Braswell for affordable Android and Chrome devices

Intel is innovating and collaborating with industry players to survive in the business and it has got new product developments to watch out for.

Computers April 3, 2014

Dell unveils ruggedized Latitude laptops, built for the battlefield and school yard

Dell has rolled out a couple of Latitude laptops that can not only survive in a war zone, but not break down while being handled by what some might call an even tougher user - school children. To prove how tough these laptops are Dell showed them off operating in an arctic environment during a press conference held in New York.

Computers April 2, 2014

An ABI Research report reveals Google laptop is making market headway.

Research report on Chromebook shipments describes Google device as a "disruptive" force in the portable computing space.

Computers April 2, 2014

Lenovo recalls thousands of ThinkPads, overheating battery could cause a fire

Lenovo has set up a recall for thousands of ThinkPad laptops over concerns that the battery pack could overheat and cause a fire. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said the recall impacts more than 37,000 computers sold in the U.S. and Canada.

Computers March 28, 2014

Lower prices expected as billions of tablets, smartphones and PCs ship in 2014

About 2.5 billion connected devices will ship into the world this year and if forecasts are correct this meteoric increase will continue for years to come. The most popular connected device is still the smartphone, but tablets are still seeing a much higher growth rate.

Computers March 27, 2014

C:\ Microsoft releases MS-DOS source code

Anyone who remembers having to type in commands to get their computer to function and black screens filled with green letters will be thrilled to know that Microsoft today released the original source code for three of its earlier operating systems, including MS-DOS 1.1.

Computers March 25, 2014

Google Now arrives on Chrome for Mac and Windows users

Google has rolled out Google Now for those using a desktop or laptop. Find out what's in store for its users.

Computers March 25, 2014

Apple to refresh Macbook, 12-inch version with redesigned trackpad and without fan in the works: Rumors

There’s a new Macbook going around the rumor mill as of late. The new Macbook may feature a fanless design with a redesigned trackpad.

Computers March 25, 2014

Apple to release fan-less 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina display and new ultra-thin design

Apple will reportedly update the MacBook Air with new features like a 12-inch Retina display and a redesigned case.

Computers March 24, 2014

Windows XP death knell ringing: A good time to accept Microsoft's $100 trade-in offer?

Windows XP is on its way out. Are you ready to upgrade or will you risk plunging into possible security risks? The choice is yours.

Computers March 25, 2014

Windows XP doomsday approaching: Do we really need to worry?

Microsoft will finally pull the plug on Windows XP support. Support for the 12-year-old operating system will end this coming April 18.

Computers March 20, 2014

It’s Apple Rumor Picking Time: iOS 8 has a basket full

The rumor mill is working overtime on Apple’s next gen iOS 8 announcement scheduled for early June. The feeding frenzy will surely continue throughout the spring.

Computers March 17, 2014

New Razer Blade gaming laptops will give you an adrenalin rush

Razer has screamed that it's game for any challenge as it unveiled the Blade and Blade Pro, two of the most powerful gaming laptops in the market Wednesday.

Computers March 14, 2014

Apple Loyalty Program incentives target the big spenders: education and IT companies

Apple rewards its faithful education and IT customers with increased incentives in its loyalty program. Big spenders will now get better discounts on Apple products like Macs, iPads and iPhones.

Computers March 12, 2014

Apple OS X 10.9.3 update beta doubles the pixels in retina mode for 4K displays

If you have a 4K display and you're running Apple OS X Mavericks, things could get a whole lot sharper for you soon. The first OS X 10.9.3 beta shows improved support for 4K displays and doubles the pixels in retina mode.

Computers March 7, 2014

Dell Latitude 13 laptops are childproof and ready for school

Dell's milspec testing of its new Latitude 13 Educational Series laptops may have gone above and beyond what the computers will have to endure in a classroom, but the company said these battlefield-ready devices are able to stand up to whatever a milk spilling, sticky-fingered kid can dish out.

Computers March 6, 2014

Crushing sales of smartphones and tablets still killing PC business

Desktops and laptops are still failing to gain any ground in their battle for consumer dollars with mobile devices, said IDC. PC shipments recorded their worst ever drop in 2013 and the outlook is grim.

Computers March 4, 2014

New Samsung ARM-powered Chromebook 2 with faux leather back looks a lot like Galaxy Note 3

Samsung is in love with leather and close on the heels of images that leaked over the weekend, the company made it official: the Chromebook 2 is real and like the Galaxy Note 3, it boasts a faux leather cover on the back.

Computers March 4, 2014

Apple leaves OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard users at mercy of malware

Apple seems willing to move on from Snow Leopard, despite the number of users who could be affected by malware. The last time Snow Leopard was given an update was back in September of 2013.

Computers March 3, 2014

HP Pavilion X360 convertible laptop has just made couch potatoes happy

At MWC 2014, HP unveiled a new laptop-tablet hybrid that can help consumers be more flexible with their gadget budgets. The HP Pavilion X360 is similar to the Lenovo Yoga convertibles.

Computers February 25, 2014

Google aims to overtake enterprise with VMware partnership

Google struck a deal with VMware to allow Windows access to Chromebooks. Google hopes that this partnership will help ease new enterprise customers into the transition from Windows to Chrome.

Computers February 12, 2014

New HP Chromebox for business users coming this spring

HP announced that it will release its first Chromebox this spring. The HP Chromebox will come in four colors and feature an Intel Haswell Core i7 processor.

Computers February 7, 2014

Sony VAIO would have run OS X if Steve Jobs had his way

Former Sony president Kunitake Ando recalls that Steve Jobs wanted Sony VAIO laptops to run OS X.

Computers February 7, 2014

ASUS unveils Chromebox desktop for $179

ASUS announced a brand-new Chromebox desktop PC for just $179.

Computers February 4, 2014

Facebook saves more than $1 billion with open servers

Facebook saved more than $1 billion with Open Compute servers in its data centers.

Computers January 29, 2014

Apple wants you to expect solar-powered Macbook soon

The next big MacBook announcement could showcase a solar charging feature. Or maybe not.

Computers January 29, 2014

iFixit gatecrashes Macintosh 30th birthday party by tearing one apart

Macintosh turns 30 and iFixit celebrated by revealing the internals of the original Macintosh 128K that was made in 1984.

Computers January 26, 2014

Mac turns 30: An arduous and memorable journey

The Macintosh is 30 years old today and Apple's celebrating. We wish Steve Jobs was here with us too.

Computers January 25, 2014

HP falls in love with Windows 7 all over again

Windows 8 is all but dead, and now it seems as if HP is trying to drive the final nail in the coffin, by offering customers Windows 7 OS for its desktops and laptops.

Computers January 21, 2014

IBM X6 Architecture for x86-based Cloud Servers boasts flash storage

IBM has announced the sixth generation of its enterprise X-Architecture for System x and PureSystems servers with flash memory advances.

Computers January 16, 2014

Nvidia Tegra K1 impresses at benchmark tests

Move over Apple and Qualcomm, NVIDIA is looking to take over with Tegra K1.

Computers January 14, 2014

PC shipment looking further south: Time to say goodbye?

There is no silver lining for the PC industry, which is on a steady decline.

Computers January 13, 2014

New Apple Mac Pro goes on sale in Europe but ban on old model continues

The new Apple Mac Pro is now available in Europe but its predecessor still remains banned.

Computers January 13, 2014

Intel Edison PC may be smaller than an SD card but it packs a punch

Intel has unveiled a tiny computer the size of an SD card. The diminutive yet powerful Intel Edison was designed with wearable computing in mind but promises a host of other possible applications.

Computers January 9, 2014

Lenovo Horizon 2 tabletop computer is slimmer, lighter and supports NFC

Lenovo has unveiled a slimmer and lighter Horizon 2 tabletop, multimode all-in-one computer that runs on Windows 8.1 and comes with NFC connectivity and Lenovo's Aura interface.

Computers January 8, 2014

HP Slate21 Pro AIO chooses to waltz with Android

HP's first Android-based All-in-One (AIO) desktop computer is aimed at small businesses, schools, healthcare and retail kiosks.

Computers January 6, 2014

Is NSA developing quantum computer to hack almost anything?

NSA is said to be working on a quantum computer, which can crack almost all current encryptions.

Computers January 6, 2014

Acer 27-inch AIO PC runs on Android

Acer has unveiled a new all-in-one (AIO) PC that can serve as a monitor to a Windows 8 PC as well as operate as a standalone full-fledged Android tablet. The new Acer TA272 HUL, primarily a 27-inch display with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, also runs on Android 4.2.

Computers January 5, 2014

Mac Pro teardown reveals CPU is user-upgradeable

Apple released the Mac Pro in December 2013 and a recent teardown reveals that the CPU is user-upgradeable.

Computers January 3, 2014

LG may bid farewell to PC industry

LG may soon exit from the declining PC industry.

Computers January 2, 2014

LG Tab-Book 2 and Ultra PC notebook set for 2014 International CES unveil

LG is looking to rock 2014 International CES with triple threat line of Windows 8.1 devices.

Computers January 2, 2014

Forget Windows PC. Get a Mac Pro instead

You thought Windows PC is cheaper than Mac Pro? Hah! Think again.

Computers December 27, 2013

LG launches world's first Chrome OS-based desktop Chromebase

The LG Chromebase comes with several Google applications and products such as Gmail, Drive, Search, Maps, YouTube, Play and Google+ Hangouts.

Computers December 27, 2013

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